Thursday, 20 December 2012

Epiphany number... something

I like this one
My plan in life was basically this
Study psychology at uni. Write Heroes of a Super Variety. Start YouTube channel. Couple of years break. Possibly write Stolen, if I can change it somehow (but not like it is now). Start The Hunted. Stop writing
So, not counting Stolen, let's add it up
Start writing at... let's say 25, because I'd want to have a good idea with what I'm doing with the series before publishing it. It's probably a trilogy, so end it at 28. Couple of years break for finishing studying (need a lot of years at uni for psychology). Then start writing the Hunted. That could take a long time.
So let's say I end my writing late 30's. Then what do I do? My plan was to stop writing, but what do I do? Continue my job as a psychologist for the rest of my life? Retire early?
So, I've finally made a decision I'm happy with. I'll write til I drop.
That's right, I'm never going to stop writing, or at least a lot later than that. But now begs the question, what do I write? What order? The Hunted was going to be my big finale, but that won't do. That's my golden ticket to being a best seller. People need to read that to read my other things.
So, what I'm, thinking, The Hunted first (this will mean I start writing later in life), then Heroes of a Super Variety, then whatever I can come up with.
Stolen, if I can improve? Sure, but at the moment it's just a worst version of Heroes of a Super Variety. Elements? If I can improve it, sure. Zombie Apocalypse story? I'm working hard on it so with any luck it'll be a good one. And as I go on in life, I'm sure to get thousands more ideas (seeing as I already have thousands but most I've rejected. And that may be an exaggeration, but I don't care)
So, good news in my life plan. By all rights this should be on Read This Mortals seeing as it's more relevant there. but everyone who reads that also reads this blog, so whatever
I'm happy now!