Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Aaaah, right. This is a thing, isn't it?

Man, am I feeling nostalgic today? Updating two of my major blogs? Wow. I doubt anyone that follows this still checks their dashboard, but hey. If you do, welcome.
I'm aware, if you follow Read This Mortals, it sounded sort of like a goodbye. In a way it was. Goodbye to that blog. Not really this one though.
Most of us don't talk that often, which is okay I guess. I've said several times I'm not good with real time conversation, but the main reason I don't comment on Derek's blog anymore is that I don't find the conversations as... interesting. People are involved in some over-arcing RP which I don't feel like joining, and I don't know most of the people anymore. There are a few people I still enjoy the company of, but eh... It's not as good. It's probably one of the main reasons we all don't go. Impracticality aside, don't we all have those times we go on just to check if one of our good friends are on, and when they aren't we leave without comment. If I made an effort, I'd comment regardless, and maybe one day one of you could see and join me. But truthfully, it's a dream and nothing more.
I'd like to see me and Mist and Sparky and Eve and Lynxia and Flame and Star and whoever else on and talking, and I miss most of you incredibly. But it's impractical to wish for it to happen, and I'm not living in the past.
I'll continue to go on occasionally, and I'm thinking of a day where I can try to get most of the old people on, but I'm moving forward. Am I leaving? No. There's no such thing as leaving. That'd be like saying I'm just going to stop caring about you all. It can't happen. I'll always be there, not as in a cheesy 'in your heart' way, or in a physical way where I'm commenting all the time. But in my head, the blog will always be a place I can go. And if I ever need to, I will go. But life doesn't stop because we grow apart.
I like to think I didn't leave the blog, I'm just developing my life in a way that doesn't have me go on, at least as often. I'm moving forward and happy I'm doing so. And I hope you all do to. Because life never stops, whether you stay on a blog and talk to people ever day, or you do something else and remember those days with fondness, there's no stop. I'm not going to stop my life in the hope of reclaiming a few minutes of happy conversation. I'll continue. Whether I not I see you on the way, I'll always care about you.
Sorry if this sounded like another goodbye, it's not. Just a momentary cheesy, nostalgic thought I wanted to share with people I care about.
See you around. Take care

Monday, 15 July 2013

Calling all Drawers... Anyone want to do me a solid?

Right, hi there. What's new with you? Me, there's not much.
So, probably noticed the title by now. If you haven't... Why?
So, the drawing thing. Should elaborate. I've recently decided that I'm going to make more than a 5 second bouncing ball with animation. I know that's not exactly a big accomplishment, but I have done more. Unfortunately, I won't be publishing those as they're lost.
So, animation. I'm going to be one of those guys who steals of other YouTuber's fame and animate scenes from their videos. Going with Let's Play (part of RoosterTeeth, which some of you know I'm a huge fan of). I've got the audio, after a few problems. Half an hour cut down to six minutes, which is a lot to animate, but I'm sticking to the simple. No fluid moments, and definitely no lip-syncing.
So, I've found something out though. I absolutely hate drawing. I have everything perfect in my head, but can never get it onto the screen. Maybe it has something to do with me using a cheap mouse on a bed, while the pros use a drawing pad. Whatever, I'm not going to do that.
So, since I am certainly not going to draw, I need some help from... someone. I've got a couple of drawn pics of the guys faces, found on the internet, which I could use, but I don't want to use some random persons work. So, if anyone wants to help me out, I'd give you the picks, and you'd send back a drawing of the guys faces based off them. I'd use the pics, give you credit, and we're all happy.
So, if anyone would like to help me out, email me. If for some reason you don't have my email, just... comment with yours I suppose. If no one wants to help me out, I'm going to have to start guilt tripping a few people.
So, the drawings would just be sort of cartoony, none to complicated since I have to redraw them a few times. Colour isn't necessary. Any takers?
Oh, and can I tell you, animating does stuff to your head man. I can't watch a YouTube video without thinking about how I'd animate it.
Whatever. Let's see how long it takes for me to abandon this project...

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Those Superhero Shows

I'm not one for comic books. There are several reasons for that: I find them boring a lot of the time, they're extremely hard to get around here, I'm so far behind that there's not much point in starting now. But I do like Marvel and DC superhero shows. Sometimes.
Yeah, I never really got over that stage. I watch kids shows still, within reason. But I'm also at that stage when I don't like my shows to ever change. So when two of my favourite superhero shows, Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, were cancelled... Well, it wasn't pretty.
I'd started watching Spectacular Spider-Man a long time ago, when it first started. What was that, 2007? So yeah, it held some sentimental value to me. It was a good show. Fans of the comics said it stayed true to the comics for the most part, it had likable characters, and an alright plot. It was far from my favourite show, but it was good.
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes matters more to me. I started watching this a little latter, but liked it a lot more. Why wouldn't I? It started off with the Avenger's forming, starting to get along, which is half the fun, and new members appearing every so often. The humour was good enough, the plot was very good in my opinion, and I liked the characters.
And both of these were cancelled, to be replaced by new shows. Ultimate Spider-Man, and Avengers Assemble. I tried the first episodes of both of these.
Ultimate Spider-Man was one of the worst shows I've ever seen. And if you think I might be comparing it to the other show too much- I am comparing it. As I should. They cancelled the show and replaced it with this. It was built for comparison.
The humour is downright painful, the plot is boring at best, and- Well, there's nothing redeeming about it. Spider-Man is a useless person, is hired by shield and forced to work with a 'team' of other teenage superheroes. It's painful. He rides a Spidey-Motorbike or something.
Quick derailing here. The guy who voiced Spidey is Spectacular Spider-Man was taken on to voice Spidey in an episode of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He recording all of his lines. So when the episode premiered... they had replaced his voice with the one from Ultimate Spider-Man. Without telling the Spectacular guy or anything. This made me very sad.
So- I just watched Avengers Assemble. It's average, and that's the best I can give it.
It starts off with these characters already knowing each other, having disbanded the Avengers a long time ago. So, no need for character development of any sort. In the first few minutes of the show, Cap dies and Iron Man gets the rest of the old team to avenge him. And by the old team, I mean Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Falcon. Yeah, good characters, but where are the others I love? I know this is meant to take an approach like the movie, meaning using the characters from the movie plus one new guy. But the best aren't there. Ant Man- the pacifist. Black Panther- the calm awesome guy. Ms Marvel- One of the few tough female superheroes. I can deal with not having Wasp, she annoyed me.
Maybe they'll appear later in the series. But if they were Avengers for years before disbanding, then surely that would be a good chance to meet these people? Or am I meant to believe that they disbanded shortly after coming together? I find that hard to believe. Yeah, I know I was complaining that they didn't show any of the characters joining and getting to know one another. But you're either going to do it or not. Don't flip flop.
So, a few minutes later, Cap turns out to be alive, Red Skull switches bodies with him, shortly switches bodies back and steals Iron Man's armour. And that's episode one.
Riveting stuff, isn't it?
Episode two is getting Iron Man back to the mansion for a new Arc Reactor, having these little nanobots take over the Avengers and having them fight each other, and then them disarming a bomb. Boring stuff.
First off, MODOCK, allied with Red Skull, says his nanobots can make the Avengers do anything he wants. So... he has them fight each other? Instead of having them under his control? I mean, nothing seemed to be wrong with the nanobots. It was Iron Man, never taken under control, that freed the rest. There was never any reason shown that he couldn't do this.
It feels as if the creators tried to cram too much into these first two episodes, and nothing really had time to settle. Cap's dead, no he's not, Red Skull took his body, no he didn't, Iron Man's dying, no he isn't, the Avengers are trying to kill one another, that's over, Red Skull is defeated, no, he teleported away.
I could have tried the third episode, but it was too painful to go on.
People are going on about how the animation is so much better than EMH. I didn't really think it was anything special. EMH was outdated, but unique. AA just seems like generic animation to me. Except for the god awful panning shots. Also, some of the character designs seem off to me. Cap, Iron Man and Hawkeye especially. Hawkeye is meant to be a brilliant archer. But he wears purple sunglasses? Wouldn't that just get in the way?
They're also saying the voice acting as improved. That the voice of Iron Man is no longer someone trying to sound like Robert Downey Jr. Well, for one, this new voice actor isn't that good. For another, the old one may have sounded like Downey, but that's not saying he was a bad voice actor. He was good, even if one of the reasons he was cast was that similarity. All the voice actors seem out of place, bar a few. One of the few is the same person that voice Hulk in EMH, and does it well evidently. Though the character design for Hulk make is seem strange.
What else... Oh yeah, the character relationships seemed forced. They go on and on about Hulk and Thor fighting each other for fun. Also, if for some reason you watch this, count how many times they repeat that joke about Hulk hitting people next to him without looking. Ugh.
It just comes down to the fact that Earth's Mightiest Heroes had two seasons of plot an character development, while Avengers Assemble is trying to act like these people already know each other. It just doesn't work.
But the painful thing is that I know these shows are going to do well. Because I'm at an age where I value characters and plot relevance above all else, but kids just want to see the Avengers beat up villains, which is what they'll get.
Sorry for ranting guys. Ciao for now.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Endings are horrible

I don't like endings. Endings of things I actually care about, at any rate.
For example, the ending of Harry Potter was horrible. Both the book and the movie, by the way. And by horrible, I mean depressingly horrible, not bad horrible. The plot itself- whilst brilliant- doesn't amount to the feeling I get when I know that this is the end of a series.
I recently finished the last book of Septimus Heap. I read the first few when I was really young, and out of nostalgia read the others, but haven't really enjoyed them. To be honest, I didn't enjoy this one all that much either. I've grown out of it. But knowing that it's over it just all too depressing.
It takes a certain type of book to get that feeling at the end. The Gone series, being one of my favourite books, didn't get that feeling from me. The Eragon Series (Inheritance if you want to be picky) made me sad. Artemis Fowl didn't.
What makes that sad, depressed feeling when a series end? It couldn't simply just be how much time you've put into the series. With both Septimus Heap and Eragon, I started reading them at a young age. But I started reading Artemis Fowl at a young age as well. Does this mean I won't get sad at the ending of Skulduggery Pleasant? I read that later in my life than I read many other series.
So, it got me thinking. I have my dreams for being an author, and I already have characters that I've fallen in love with. Such fun to write. But how to end it? How to get the sad, depressed reaction that I think the ending of every series should get. Obviously, the reaction isn't just from seeing the character die. I don't think I could see myself doing that anyway (although I probably will end up doing that just to throw people off).
The answer, it seems, is when a series has a definite ending. Harry Potter and Septimus Heap both had endings where I knew what happened to the characters in the next few years, I knew that the adventure was over. Eragon doesn't quite have the same ending, but it left me thinking it was over in a different way, so I could guess what I think happened next.
Again, as an author, can I bring myself to make such an ending? Where I know it's the end of the line for the huge adventures? At the moment, I don't think so. I'd like to think that I merely scratched the surface of the story, and the rest is unknown. But to get the sad feeling, I think I would have to have a definite ending. I guess I'll see what happens. But however the series, if I ever get it published, ends, I'll be extremely depressed. Because my journey with my characters will be over.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

New Cover

So, Derek unveiled the new cover

Impressed? Well, the thing is, I'm... not
This is by no means meant to be an insult. I's beautifully drawn. Well done Tom Percival. But the context of the image doesn't impress me.
I know most people look at this, and see something tragic happening. But when I look at it, all I see is another fighting scene, where Skulduggery's checking on Val. I don't see her mortally wounded, or dead. I just see another fight.
If I looked at this, and saw the tragedy everyone else seems to see, I'd be impressed. But I don't see it. Sorry guys

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Rant about: Harry Potter Comparisons

Did you read my last post? Did you? If you did, then you're probably wondering why this post is none of the posts I said I was going to make. Want to know why? Because SHUT UP!
Yep. Check and mate.
What has caused my frustration, you may ask? Read the title. Yep, what's caused it is the never ending book comparisons to Harry Potter.
I'm sure you've noticed it. A review 'the next Harry Potter' or 'perfect for the Potter crowd' or even a negative review, saying 'it doesn't amount to Harry Potter.'
It's not just books. It happens to movies as well, although to a lesser extent. Why is everything compared to this series? Well, the answer is simply, yet stupid.
Harry Potter changed the reading and writing industry. At least one generation has changed. Many read now. Books were dying out, many kids didn't read books. Then came along HP.
What made the series so great? A lot of things, but that's not why it did so well. It did well because it was the first book, or at least children/young adult book, in a long time to get publicity. I don't mean adds on TV, I mean people actually talking about it. For some unknown reason, people actually talked about this book (I'm talking about the first one for the moment). Don't get me wrong, it was a great book. But what marked it out from other great books at the time? I don't know, but it sure as hell worked.
And now, as books are insanely popular thanks to HP (and I hope they continue to be for a long time, otherwise my life isn't going to go how I want it to), it seems every book has to be compared to HP. Can't it be its own thing? Why does every book have to be like that series? It annoys me so much.
It annoys me even more when the books aren't anything like, or trying to be like, HP. On my copy of SP (book 1) there is a thing that says 'Perfect for the Potter crowd.' For one, it isn't. If people want a book series similar to HP, I'd try Shapeshifter by Ali Sparkes. A boy who lives with his family who don't want him finds out he has powers and is taken away to a place where people like him learn how to use his powers. He has a best friend who constantly reminds me of Ron, and enemy that's very similar to Malfoy, and the general feels of the series just reminds me of HP. Luckily, it still manages to be unique in other ways.
But you know what the funny thing is? I have not seen one review, comment or anything that relates to this book and Harry Potter! WHY?!
It seems only books people think will do very well are compared to Harry Potter positively. Doesn't matter if a book is like HP. If it's not going to be popular, don't compare it. Apparently. Ugh
Once again, I've run out of steam half way through my rant, so I'm just going to leave with some advice to the world, especially book reviewers. DON'T

Friday, 22 March 2013


Wow, well, I can't really decide what to talk about.
I could talk about my recent realisation on how to write a romance, except I generally don't like romances, and this information is useless to me. I could talk about how I saw a comment on a review on The Avengers on how Hulk started fighting for no reason *facepalm* and go into a rant. I could even talk about myself. But let's be honest, how many people would be interested in that?
So, this is just an update, and with any luck, once the holidays start in a week I'll have time to make more posts about things I'm mentioning here.
To start of with, I've once again improved upon my writing thanks to the help of my Creative Writing class, and to a greater extent, the help of an author's blog. I've forgotten his name, so I can't really share the blog with you. It's annoying me, because now I want to read the blog some more.
Yesterday, I watched both Hotel Transylvania and Chronicle, both of which I enjoyed more than I would expect. However, both of them had several things about them that I am going to complain about in later posts.
I started and finished Red vs Blue, which has successfully made it's way onto my top three shows ever... of all time. If you didn't get that joke, you probably haven't watched the show.
Remember how I said the mark of a great show is that it can make you sad, dispite being a comedy? Well, Red vs Blue achieved that and more. It almost sent me into depression. I'm not even joking, for a week or so I just sat around, feeling sad, staring into space...
Yeah, don't judge me.
Just so you know, if you're thinking about watching it, it can be found on YouTube (the channel's called Rooster Teeth) or on a website (also called Rooster Teeth, I believe). It can be brought on DVD, for those people who won't watch it on the Internet for some reason. Be warned, for the most part Red vs Blue is an adult comedy, it's by no means a children's show. This is to get it's own post soon.
I think that's all the news from me. New posts to come soon. Aaaaaand... Yeah, okay. Ciao

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Life of Pi

What Nix? Two posts in three days? What is with you?
Well, I'm feeling a bit posty.
I said my next post would be about my adventure to find the mysterious YouTube Subscription Management thingy. Well, who cares about that. I'm here to talk about Life of Pi.
I just saw this movie, so I'm going to post about it while it's still fresh. Who cares about the whole 'sinking in' thing, I'm already forgetting the start, so let's get right to it.
The most common statement I've heard about LOP is 'a visual masterpiece'. This is true, and I'm deeply sad that the cinema closest to be didn't show it in 3D any more, but I'm I the only one who loved the plot?
Let's start from the beginning. And by that I mean the parts that matter to me. Suffice to say, major spoilers. If you haven't seen the movie, just leave. If you have no plans to see the movie, you can stay if you want, but I'm not going to make it sound good, like it is, I'm going to pick bits, and this will basically put you off a good movie.
So, it starts of with a writer questioning Pi about his story. The writer's been told that this story will make him believe in God, that it's an incredible story. So Pi begins.
I'm skipping over Pi's childhood, I'll give you a brief summary. In India, father runs a zoo,Pi follows three religions because he sees God in all of them (Hindi, Catholic and Islam). Father decides to sell his animals and move to Canada. Pi and his family get on a Japanese boat, with all the animals on board as well, and set off to Canada.
Right, this is where I'll go into more detail.
Pi is Pi hears a storm in the middle of the night, so he tells his brother that they should go look at it. Brother basically tells him to piss off, so Pi goes and sees it himself. While out there, he sees a massive wave hit the ship. It's hard to see this scene, because it's so dark, but something makes Pi go to his room, yelling for his family. That part of the ship is flooded, so Pi goes back up to get some help. Some crew members throw him into a lifeboat, a zebra jumps in, and something happens that I forget makes the lifeboat fall into the water with Pi by himself. And the zebra. The scene is still dark, so I couldn't see very well, but basically a tiger, who's called Richard Parker, climbs aboard the boat. Pi jumps off the boat to get away from Richard Parker, and sees the ship sinking bellow him.
He climbs back in the lifeboat, with no sign of the tiger, and the scene cuts to morning.
I forget the exact order of what happens next. Pi sees that the zebra has a broken leg. He sees a orangutan floating on some bananas, and manages to get her on board, losing the bananas in the process. Then a hyena jumps out from bellow a part of the boat that's under a tarp, and tries to attack everyone. Still drugged up from it's time on the ship, it fails.
Later on, the hyena kills the zebra. The orangutan attacks it, and seemingly defeats it, but then they hyena jumps up and kills the orangutan.
Pi gets pissed, and prepares to kill it with a knife, when Richard Parker jumps out from under the tarp and kills the hyena. Pi stays on the far side of the tarp, which the tiger is unwilling to go over. I think it's because his claws stick to it or something.
Anyway, I'm not going to go over the whole love for you, this post is for the ending of the movie, and the things I've mentioned are essential to the ending.
So the lifeboat washes up on shore, the Mexican short if I remember. Pi, spent by that time, collapses on the sand. Richard Parker jumps out, and although he's spent as well, walks to the jungle, and stops. Pi's sure he'll look back, in a goodbye short of thing. But Richard Parker continues walking without looking back, robbing Pi of his chance to say goodbye.
Pi is found by some people, and brought to a hospital. Soon he is questioned by Japanese people (I forget the exact job of them) about what happened to the ship. Pi tells them his story, but they don't believe him. They ask him for a more believeable story, the truth. After a pause (in which I was sure Pi was going to tell them it was the trust) he starts talking about a different story. In which a cook, a sailor and his mother were on the lifeboat. The sailor has a broken leg, which gets infected. The cook allows him to die instead of saving him, and then eats the sailor. Pi's mother attacks the cook, and is also killed. Pi, in a moment of anger, kills the cook. He says that not only did that cook do horrible things, but forced Pi to do a horrible thing as well.
Cuts back to the writer talking to Pi. Pi hands the writer the report that the Japenese men wrote. The writer realizes that the sailor was the zebra, both of which had broken a leg. The cook was a hyena, who killed, and the orangutan was Pi's mother. And, of course, Pi was the tiger, who had killed the cook.
Pi asked the writer which story he preferred, and the writer says the first one. Pi smiles, and goes to see his wife. The writer looks at the report, and at the end it says that Pi was very lucky, to survive with a tiger, showing that the Japaneses men also believed the first story.
I liked this movie, but one thing annoyed me. Where was that bit that would make one believe in God? That fact that Pi survived the whole thing? That was amazing, but hardly a way to make people believe in God.
I can't believe my mother got this, but I had to look up Life of Pi (I was trying to find out the actors name) before I found out where it was.
Most people who watched this movie would probably say, if they had too choose, that they believed the first story. That's what it represents. The second story, realistic, is not belief in God, and the first story, hard to believe, but wondering and nice, is belief in God (I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THAT!)
Maybe I'm just thick, but whatever.
I like how the ending's open to interpretation. How people can believe one story if they want.
If there's one complaint about this movie, it's the whole choice thing. People will choose the first choice because a whole movie was spent explaining and showing it, while five minutes of just talking showed the second story. They good thing about this choice is Pi's reaction. While telling the second story, Pi shows genuine sadness and tears, which puts doubt in people's minds, and makes the second story a proper choice.
If anyone cares, I believe in the first story (not that any of this happened in the real world, but still).
By the way, don't let the fact that the stories represent believing and not believing affect your choice about which story you think it true. Just because you choose the first story does not mean you believe in God, and Vice Vera.
But I know there are still going to be those people out there who are so determined to not even show the slightest belief that they'll choose the second story. It's the people who cannot accept that people can believe in something they don't. Those people annoy me.
Anyway, brilliant film, worth watching. Love it!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Rant: Youtube change

A brief little rant from your truly.
First things first, you may have noticed that I changed the template. I can't say that I like this any better, but it's all I got. Comment if you think you know a better one for me to try. Also, if you could make a cool looking background for me, it would be extremely helpful.
Now, to the actual rant.
Most of my life is basically spent on YouTube. I'm constantly finding new channels and the like. I set it up so that I'm emailed when they upload. It's good, I open my email, and there it is, telling me that this guy has made a new video.
Now, YouTube doesn't like to stick to the good things. They original design was good, so they changed it into something few people like. Now everyone who points up when telling people to subscribe is pointing to the search bar.
That, I can deal with.
But, of course, YouTube has changed it so I CAN'T SET IT UP SO I GET EMAILED.
Everything that I've already put to that setting is fine. Pewdiepie, Danisnotonfire, Cry and a few more still are in my email. But when I find a new channel, and want t be emailed when it uploads new videos, I can't do that. No, subscribing is basically useless for me now, because I never read the subscriptions part of YouTube. I just check my email.
I've finally decided to subscribe to Tobuscus. But I'll never know when he uploads a new video.
I hope YouTube changes it back soon.
Oh, on another note, there's another setting I can't change on my channel. On my channel, in the feed part, I changed the settings so it doesn't show my comments. That's basically because when I get annoyed, which happens a lot on YouTube, I tend to swear, and I didn't want that on my channel for the world to see.
But I decided the other day that I didn't like the fact that anyone could look at my channel and see what videos I liked, what I subscribe to, ect. It's not private, as such, I just think that the videos I watch are my business. So I changed the settings so only posts and new videos would appear on my feed. It said, when I was changing the settings, that all old feed would also be affected by this change. Well, that's what I wanted.
But no. New feed doesn't appear, but all the old feed is still there. I know YouTube didn't used to do this because when I changed the settings about the comments, all the old feed about my comments disappeared. So now if I want to get rid of all my old feed, I have to go through it one by one. There's nothing there that really bothers me, so I'm not going to do it, but YouTube is just annoying me. Did it come under new management recently or something?
Anyway, rant over. Off to waste my life watching YouTube videos.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Realationships- The Strange Affect. Or, as I like to call it, How Everyone Is An Idiot

Yes, because I am such a Guru on this subject, I'm making a post on it
In case you didn't get that, it was sarcasm.
So, no, I might not be a master... Okay, I'm definitely not a master, but this is simple common sense to me, and no matter how I think about, I just find some aspects idiotic.
The first part- Asking
This really only applies to shy people, but seeing as I fall under this category, I'm talking about it. So, it's common sense that if a person likes another person, they'd be shy around them (unless you're brimming with self confidence. Damn you). But the transition from liking to asking out (I don't even know what I'm talking about any more, in case you haven't noticed) is difficult. Being nervous is pretty much the number one thing that impedes relationships. Guys do not want to be shot down, and I'd say the same pretty much goes for girls. So you know that person you're too shy to ask out? There's actually a good chance that they're the same. So, basically, get a grip and act. You never know.
Also, fear of getting shot down is more of a fear of being ridiculed, but honestly, ask yourself, if someone asking you out, would you make fun of them, or be flattered (not quite the word, but you get what I mean)? You'd be surprised how many people of the opposite sex actually have a similar mindset to you.
Part two- Overcomplicated things
I really have no idea why, but people feel the need to make things very complicated, especially when it comes to relationships. Of course, every guy out there will know that a lot of girls will never say what they mean, which makes things confusing.
And they wonder why we are confused.
But not only girls, but guys as well. Guys tend to act like people they're not. They act tough, or confident, or intelligent, or smooth. Then if it actually works, you either find yourself never acting yourself around the person, or start acting like yourself, and after acting like someone different, it's easily mistaken for change, and often messes up a relationship.
Part Three- Over and Out
The ending. That's it. It's over. Now, it's not as simple as that. Often, relationships don't end with the two people hating each other, so how to end it without hurting the other person's feelings? This, my dear socially hopeless friends, is tricky. You've probably grown apart, so you can't tell how much the other person still has feelings for you. Trust me on one thing though, you do not just ignore it.
This depends on the people, but basically, once you get it, it's hard to escape unscratched

So yes, that was my take on relationships. Once again, I got bored halfway through it, so ignore most of what I've said. Really, only the first thing makes any sense.
Either way, ignore everything I've said if you want to be successful.
If you've read this far, then you really need help with your life, and not from me. I pity you poor fools
Now get lost, you wonderful people.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Conversations of the Knowing Kind

I'm not going to post it here, because it has already been posted  a short time ago, in a blog not really that far away
Only a short click away actually
Needless to say, you should go to the blog
Someone tell me if you can actually tell what I'm saying. And then please explain it to me

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bak to shoole? Why wold me ned schoole?

So, yes, back to prison
It's funny. As you get older, or at least, as I get older, you dread going back less and actually start looking forward. I mean, not enough to actually want to go back, but still.
Some perks to next year, I think I will enjoy it very much. Some major downers, sure, but hopefully I can deal with them
If you're expecting me to reveal the perks and downers you're sadly mistaken. I will reveal I get my laptop back on the first day, and that I take it home. So writing should be happening pretty quickly, as over the holidays I've gathered many ideas.
Some of you may have noticed that I was on a lot more than I expected. I didn't expect my sister to be so 'kind' this year, and let me use the computer. Let meaning that she didn't rip my face off when I went on. And even if she didn't let me use the internet, I still did anyway, because it's not her internet or her computer.
I'm bored of talking now, so I'm going to go. I've got to enjoy my last day of freedom. It's weird, I get my laptop back and for the rest of the year I use it, but this is the last day of me watching TV during the day, but I'm still on the computer.
Ciao for Now

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review, The Medusa Project- Books 1-

Well, pleasantly surprising, but also flawed.
I read them all, since Sunday. I have to say, I'm always up for a little psychic powers idea, I live for the stuff. And this had it. But it was also just weird
I'm keeping this brief.
Well, the books change character view from each book. And in each book, the main character messes things up and manages to get the person they care about to get mad at them
Book 1, with Nico, Ketty gets mad at him. Book 2, with Ketty, Nico gets mad at her. Book 3, with Ed, Nico and Dylan get mad at him. Book four, with Dylan, Ketty and Nico get mad at her. Book 5, with Nico, Ketty once again gets mad at him.
You seeing the pattern here?
It appears that in every book, no matter who it is, the main character screws up, and people who screwed up before can't go wrong. This is my main problem with the book, the characters aren't developed enough.
My second problem is that once again it's a book written in another country that has a part in Australia. The majority or book 5 is in Aus, and once again, like nearly every other book not from Australia does, they get us completely wrong.
You might get a couple of people that are forty years old saying things like "g'day" or "ripper" and only rarely "dunny". I mean, I doubt you would even find people who say that at all, but you never know
But it's really a myth, most of these sayings. I haven't heard anyone say g'day in years, and I think that was on T.V., so it was probably a joke. Dunny, only in books either based in the 60's or from other countries thinking they're doing well impersonating Australians. Ripper, once or twice in my life.
It was also just repetitive, which I don't have a problem with, but other readers might. Every book, they seemed to be trusting someone who would latter try to sell them for money, or sell the code used to make their powers for money. Not every book, mind you, but far too often to be anything bearable.
I've got other things to say, but I don't want to say them. If you don't mind these facts, I'd say give it a go, but if the things above annoy you too much, maybe you want to reconsider.

Monday, 7 January 2013


So, it turns out that my Blogiversary, my one year anniversary of Blogland, has passed without me knowing it
I thought it was in mid January, but it was on the sixth of January.
Just thought you should all know.
So, I'm just going to think about my stay at Blogland
I joined as Who, Me? I'm Nobody. Sparky and Izz greeted me, and if they hadn't responded to my comment which was planned to be a one off, I wouldn't be here. So, within a week (I think it was a week) I ran into NegativeSanity, who everyone knows by a different name now. He was talking to Sparky. He mentioned he liked RPing, which I of course had no idea of at that sheltered stage. I asked, and he told me what it was. Sparky, I think, started the little RP after that which I will always remember as long as I'm the same person. We fought zombies and vampires, and I came up with my magic, Bonebreaking.
As things went on, I met more and more people. Eve, Gab, Thrust, Flame, Lynxia, Val, Robin. NegativeSanity also changed his name to Miles. I don't remember all the names, how could I? I was overwhelmed. From a loner, a bookworn and nothing else to a part of something that was too great for me to fully understand.
That was the beauty of Blogland. It was something, I don't think any of us really understood what though. It was a place for friends, for family. It was more then a fandom.
Somewhere along the way, Miles and Thrust helped me pick the name Nixion Strange. And, if course, Miles changed his name to Zathract Mist, who I'm happy to say is my best friend. We started writing Nix and Mist, which is still going.
Blogland started me writing again, and better than I'd ever been before. I met the best friends I'll ever had here. It's where I first feel in love, where I first started to actually grow as a person.
I've got more friends then I can mention at Blogland now. Excuse me if I don't mention you. This isn't really about my friends, as much as me. Let me be selfish in this one post.
It's had it's ups and downs. I had falling outs with people. I managed to make everyone hate me for a few minutes when something I still don't understand happened to me. But, of course, I managed to make everyone liked me a few times as well.
This one year, I think, has been the best of my life simply because of this. I don't think it's possible to have next year like it. It won't be as good, I'm sure of it, but there's still plenty of potential for great things to happen.
So, I guess now's as good a time as any to tell you all that I'm leaving and not coming back. I'm sorry, but I need to go for personal-
Oh god, sorry, I can't do it seriously. Nah, you're never going to get rid of me. Not yet, at least.
You've all made this year special, and without you I wouldn't be who I am today. Thank you all.
Peace Out!