Friday, 1 March 2013

Rant: Youtube change

A brief little rant from your truly.
First things first, you may have noticed that I changed the template. I can't say that I like this any better, but it's all I got. Comment if you think you know a better one for me to try. Also, if you could make a cool looking background for me, it would be extremely helpful.
Now, to the actual rant.
Most of my life is basically spent on YouTube. I'm constantly finding new channels and the like. I set it up so that I'm emailed when they upload. It's good, I open my email, and there it is, telling me that this guy has made a new video.
Now, YouTube doesn't like to stick to the good things. They original design was good, so they changed it into something few people like. Now everyone who points up when telling people to subscribe is pointing to the search bar.
That, I can deal with.
But, of course, YouTube has changed it so I CAN'T SET IT UP SO I GET EMAILED.
Everything that I've already put to that setting is fine. Pewdiepie, Danisnotonfire, Cry and a few more still are in my email. But when I find a new channel, and want t be emailed when it uploads new videos, I can't do that. No, subscribing is basically useless for me now, because I never read the subscriptions part of YouTube. I just check my email.
I've finally decided to subscribe to Tobuscus. But I'll never know when he uploads a new video.
I hope YouTube changes it back soon.
Oh, on another note, there's another setting I can't change on my channel. On my channel, in the feed part, I changed the settings so it doesn't show my comments. That's basically because when I get annoyed, which happens a lot on YouTube, I tend to swear, and I didn't want that on my channel for the world to see.
But I decided the other day that I didn't like the fact that anyone could look at my channel and see what videos I liked, what I subscribe to, ect. It's not private, as such, I just think that the videos I watch are my business. So I changed the settings so only posts and new videos would appear on my feed. It said, when I was changing the settings, that all old feed would also be affected by this change. Well, that's what I wanted.
But no. New feed doesn't appear, but all the old feed is still there. I know YouTube didn't used to do this because when I changed the settings about the comments, all the old feed about my comments disappeared. So now if I want to get rid of all my old feed, I have to go through it one by one. There's nothing there that really bothers me, so I'm not going to do it, but YouTube is just annoying me. Did it come under new management recently or something?
Anyway, rant over. Off to waste my life watching YouTube videos.


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  2. Hmm. I'd say I like the old skin and layout better, but that's probably just because I've been used to it for so long.
    I'll see what I can do about the background. Also, you still want those banners?

    I totally agree. Youtube changes their crap so often it's painful (firstworldproblems).
    Tobuscus? Really? I guess I can stand some of his videos, but the ones where he's gaming just annoy me. His personality is just irritating. I guess it's just me. His rants are funny, though.

    I'm annoyed with You-tubes new template too! It's so confusing!
    In terms of the email thing, I may have a solution. It's called Google RSS feed reader, its what I use to monitor and keep track of almost everything in the book world. Much like youtube, you cans subscribe to not only you-tube channels, but all blogspot blogs and many other sites. When a new video/post is made, it'll appear in your RSS feed reader!

  4. Nix. I just checked my Youtube account and I'm not finding any issues with the email thingy. You just go to 'manage subscriptions' and check the box where you want emails.
    I don't know maybe something changed for you that didn't for me but yeah. It seems fine.
    I'm not sure about your other problem because mostly I just ignore my channel. Anyway...
    I like the new template. Slick.

    1. There's nothing anything like manage suscriptions. There's only suscriptions, which tells me new uploads and things
      And it's not just me in case you're wondering, I've talked to plently of people about this and seen stuff all over the internet

      Okay, I found the YouTube suscriptions thing. I'll make a quick post about it, but basically I had to go through about 20 YouTube videos, hoping one would tell me how to find it, when one of them just gave me a link

    2. Okay I'm confused. Did you get it working or not?

  5. I completely understand your frustrations. YouTube has been spastic in its recent Layout Changes and Setting Changes...

    So, I decided to find out why. I got in contact with a manager, within the YouTube corparation-thingy, and here is what he said:

    "Youtube (and any website for that matter), will change their website design when they have statistics and experiments that show to them that a design change would be beneficial to their platform (in this example, the new design has strong evidence to suggest that subscription numbers and viewer engagement will increase across their platform)."

    So basically, YouTube will keep changing. OVER AND OVER.

    Damn it to oblivion....