Friday, 22 March 2013


Wow, well, I can't really decide what to talk about.
I could talk about my recent realisation on how to write a romance, except I generally don't like romances, and this information is useless to me. I could talk about how I saw a comment on a review on The Avengers on how Hulk started fighting for no reason *facepalm* and go into a rant. I could even talk about myself. But let's be honest, how many people would be interested in that?
So, this is just an update, and with any luck, once the holidays start in a week I'll have time to make more posts about things I'm mentioning here.
To start of with, I've once again improved upon my writing thanks to the help of my Creative Writing class, and to a greater extent, the help of an author's blog. I've forgotten his name, so I can't really share the blog with you. It's annoying me, because now I want to read the blog some more.
Yesterday, I watched both Hotel Transylvania and Chronicle, both of which I enjoyed more than I would expect. However, both of them had several things about them that I am going to complain about in later posts.
I started and finished Red vs Blue, which has successfully made it's way onto my top three shows ever... of all time. If you didn't get that joke, you probably haven't watched the show.
Remember how I said the mark of a great show is that it can make you sad, dispite being a comedy? Well, Red vs Blue achieved that and more. It almost sent me into depression. I'm not even joking, for a week or so I just sat around, feeling sad, staring into space...
Yeah, don't judge me.
Just so you know, if you're thinking about watching it, it can be found on YouTube (the channel's called Rooster Teeth) or on a website (also called Rooster Teeth, I believe). It can be brought on DVD, for those people who won't watch it on the Internet for some reason. Be warned, for the most part Red vs Blue is an adult comedy, it's by no means a children's show. This is to get it's own post soon.
I think that's all the news from me. New posts to come soon. Aaaaaand... Yeah, okay. Ciao


  1. I've had a few shows that have done that to me. It's weird...

  2. Why do I not see you guys anymore on Derek's blog? Or are you guys just too busy? Have a good day!

    1. All of us kind of just drifted away.

      Nixion occupies himself with the Skulduggery Forums mostly now.

    2. The real time conversation is too much for me. When I'm on the computer, I'm always doing something else, so I don't remember to comment for about ten minutes, and by that time it's way too late.
      So yeah...

  3. I'm sad now. But it's fine. Yeah, I think we just kinda drifted away. Me with my being online almost everyday and me appearing after month or weeks. I just go on tumblr now. and read fanfictions. I have a sad sad life -.-

    I mist those times when the whole group will just have massive fight scenes.


    I'll see ya guys whenever.