Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Rant about: Harry Potter Comparisons

Did you read my last post? Did you? If you did, then you're probably wondering why this post is none of the posts I said I was going to make. Want to know why? Because SHUT UP!
Yep. Check and mate.
What has caused my frustration, you may ask? Read the title. Yep, what's caused it is the never ending book comparisons to Harry Potter.
I'm sure you've noticed it. A review 'the next Harry Potter' or 'perfect for the Potter crowd' or even a negative review, saying 'it doesn't amount to Harry Potter.'
It's not just books. It happens to movies as well, although to a lesser extent. Why is everything compared to this series? Well, the answer is simply, yet stupid.
Harry Potter changed the reading and writing industry. At least one generation has changed. Many read now. Books were dying out, many kids didn't read books. Then came along HP.
What made the series so great? A lot of things, but that's not why it did so well. It did well because it was the first book, or at least children/young adult book, in a long time to get publicity. I don't mean adds on TV, I mean people actually talking about it. For some unknown reason, people actually talked about this book (I'm talking about the first one for the moment). Don't get me wrong, it was a great book. But what marked it out from other great books at the time? I don't know, but it sure as hell worked.
And now, as books are insanely popular thanks to HP (and I hope they continue to be for a long time, otherwise my life isn't going to go how I want it to), it seems every book has to be compared to HP. Can't it be its own thing? Why does every book have to be like that series? It annoys me so much.
It annoys me even more when the books aren't anything like, or trying to be like, HP. On my copy of SP (book 1) there is a thing that says 'Perfect for the Potter crowd.' For one, it isn't. If people want a book series similar to HP, I'd try Shapeshifter by Ali Sparkes. A boy who lives with his family who don't want him finds out he has powers and is taken away to a place where people like him learn how to use his powers. He has a best friend who constantly reminds me of Ron, and enemy that's very similar to Malfoy, and the general feels of the series just reminds me of HP. Luckily, it still manages to be unique in other ways.
But you know what the funny thing is? I have not seen one review, comment or anything that relates to this book and Harry Potter! WHY?!
It seems only books people think will do very well are compared to Harry Potter positively. Doesn't matter if a book is like HP. If it's not going to be popular, don't compare it. Apparently. Ugh
Once again, I've run out of steam half way through my rant, so I'm just going to leave with some advice to the world, especially book reviewers. DON'T


  1. *nods*
    Very true.
    And good advice for the book reviewers. :)

  2. AGREED! Its so annoying! It's either THAT or they compare it to PERCY JACKSON! (Amazing book btw)
    STHAP IT PEOPLE! Not everything is the next "harry potter" or "great for percy fans".
    Long ago, when you compared a book to Harry Potter, it actually meant something. Now everyone is using the term all loosy-goosey! IT MEANS NOTHING NO MORE! NUTT'IN!*twitches*

    1. Y U NO COMMENT ON OTHER PEEPO'S BLOG? *twitch* *peer pressure*

  3. Thank you! I couldn't have said that without appearing to be hating on Harry Potter. Skulduggery has one thing in common with Harry Potter: Magic. That's IT! And it's not even the same kind of magic. Grrrrrr!

    Also, you know a lot of books I wouldn't have ever heard of if you hadn't mentioned them.