Saturday, 25 May 2013

New Cover

So, Derek unveiled the new cover

Impressed? Well, the thing is, I'm... not
This is by no means meant to be an insult. I's beautifully drawn. Well done Tom Percival. But the context of the image doesn't impress me.
I know most people look at this, and see something tragic happening. But when I look at it, all I see is another fighting scene, where Skulduggery's checking on Val. I don't see her mortally wounded, or dead. I just see another fight.
If I looked at this, and saw the tragedy everyone else seems to see, I'd be impressed. But I don't see it. Sorry guys


  1. *shock face*
    I utterly love this cover!
    Don't you see the FIRE and DESTRUCTION behind them?
    Skulduggery's SAD skeleton looking at a BROKEN Val?
    *whimpers* why!?
    But seriously you do know they can't exactly draw a disemboweled blood gushing Valkyrie on the cover... It's a well... Harper won't like it. They probably won't allow even a Little blood. And THEN there's the parents of kids who won't buy a book if they see blood on it. (Bad for sales)

  2. Yeah, well, She's obviously not dead, because she's not. And obviously, people have no reason to think this is such a big deal. I am proud of it because it has Val unconscious and Skul actually looking sad about it. It's because five minutes early she was Darquesse but then was this huge explosion which made a crater and knocked her out. I like it because it is a new step for the covers. A very new step.

    And, ^ That too.