Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review, The Medusa Project- Books 1-

Well, pleasantly surprising, but also flawed.
I read them all, since Sunday. I have to say, I'm always up for a little psychic powers idea, I live for the stuff. And this had it. But it was also just weird
I'm keeping this brief.
Well, the books change character view from each book. And in each book, the main character messes things up and manages to get the person they care about to get mad at them
Book 1, with Nico, Ketty gets mad at him. Book 2, with Ketty, Nico gets mad at her. Book 3, with Ed, Nico and Dylan get mad at him. Book four, with Dylan, Ketty and Nico get mad at her. Book 5, with Nico, Ketty once again gets mad at him.
You seeing the pattern here?
It appears that in every book, no matter who it is, the main character screws up, and people who screwed up before can't go wrong. This is my main problem with the book, the characters aren't developed enough.
My second problem is that once again it's a book written in another country that has a part in Australia. The majority or book 5 is in Aus, and once again, like nearly every other book not from Australia does, they get us completely wrong.
You might get a couple of people that are forty years old saying things like "g'day" or "ripper" and only rarely "dunny". I mean, I doubt you would even find people who say that at all, but you never know
But it's really a myth, most of these sayings. I haven't heard anyone say g'day in years, and I think that was on T.V., so it was probably a joke. Dunny, only in books either based in the 60's or from other countries thinking they're doing well impersonating Australians. Ripper, once or twice in my life.
It was also just repetitive, which I don't have a problem with, but other readers might. Every book, they seemed to be trusting someone who would latter try to sell them for money, or sell the code used to make their powers for money. Not every book, mind you, but far too often to be anything bearable.
I've got other things to say, but I don't want to say them. If you don't mind these facts, I'd say give it a go, but if the things above annoy you too much, maybe you want to reconsider.


    In terms of the Australian description,the author was probably trying to play in with Australian stereotypes so it could feel more realistic to the average teen. (Who doesn't know much about Australia other than the stereotypes)
    Now, even though the Australian stereotypes are false and mostly inaccurate,they feel real and authentic to the teen, for that is all he knows/ has acquired about Australia.
    It seems I have repeated myself! I have an odd tendency to do that.XD
    anyway-like'd the review!

    1. I've got a book review. Somewhere hidden away, not sure where...

  2. Nice review.
    Honestly I think all you people ride around in kangaroos.
    But none of you say dunny. I would never think that.


    Preposterous! All Australians say "G'Day, mate"! How dare YOU lecture ME on common Australian dialogue....

  4. YOU! *Points finger* have been nominated for a liebchester blogger award!
    -Regards Eddie