Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Aaaah, right. This is a thing, isn't it?

Man, am I feeling nostalgic today? Updating two of my major blogs? Wow. I doubt anyone that follows this still checks their dashboard, but hey. If you do, welcome.
I'm aware, if you follow Read This Mortals, it sounded sort of like a goodbye. In a way it was. Goodbye to that blog. Not really this one though.
Most of us don't talk that often, which is okay I guess. I've said several times I'm not good with real time conversation, but the main reason I don't comment on Derek's blog anymore is that I don't find the conversations as... interesting. People are involved in some over-arcing RP which I don't feel like joining, and I don't know most of the people anymore. There are a few people I still enjoy the company of, but eh... It's not as good. It's probably one of the main reasons we all don't go. Impracticality aside, don't we all have those times we go on just to check if one of our good friends are on, and when they aren't we leave without comment. If I made an effort, I'd comment regardless, and maybe one day one of you could see and join me. But truthfully, it's a dream and nothing more.
I'd like to see me and Mist and Sparky and Eve and Lynxia and Flame and Star and whoever else on and talking, and I miss most of you incredibly. But it's impractical to wish for it to happen, and I'm not living in the past.
I'll continue to go on occasionally, and I'm thinking of a day where I can try to get most of the old people on, but I'm moving forward. Am I leaving? No. There's no such thing as leaving. That'd be like saying I'm just going to stop caring about you all. It can't happen. I'll always be there, not as in a cheesy 'in your heart' way, or in a physical way where I'm commenting all the time. But in my head, the blog will always be a place I can go. And if I ever need to, I will go. But life doesn't stop because we grow apart.
I like to think I didn't leave the blog, I'm just developing my life in a way that doesn't have me go on, at least as often. I'm moving forward and happy I'm doing so. And I hope you all do to. Because life never stops, whether you stay on a blog and talk to people ever day, or you do something else and remember those days with fondness, there's no stop. I'm not going to stop my life in the hope of reclaiming a few minutes of happy conversation. I'll continue. Whether I not I see you on the way, I'll always care about you.
Sorry if this sounded like another goodbye, it's not. Just a momentary cheesy, nostalgic thought I wanted to share with people I care about.
See you around. Take care


  1. It does sound just little cheesy...
    But you've just about summed it up, I'd say. I do the same thing; and I reckon the others do too. Sometimes it makes me sad. But I like to think there's a new generation of Bloglandians that are doing just what we were in such earnest not too long ago.
    So yeah that's my take on it.

  2. A lot of your gen and a bit of my gen really do miss you, Nix. You're pretty ace :) Oddly enough, some of the older people have been on lately. HB was on a few times. Kallie, Skyril, Sparky (quite a bit), Dragona, Robin... So yeah. Not everyone's totally gone, I don't think, and as always, even you said, it can always be somewhere you can go to. *hugs*