Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Help! My tie is trying to kill me!

Please don't hurt me.
Anyway, I am hoping to start writing somethiung new. I will need a few people to give me permission to use them. Not there characters, them. And they can do magic, or something else, but nothng extreme. I don't want them to be able to control the universe.
Now, not all of you can be in it. Don't be offended if I don't choose you, it's just I don't think you'll fit into my story.
For people who want to join, I'll need the standand OC. Name, age, power, history, personality, yada yada yada. Not many people are in it, so be warned.
Also, anyone who gives me permission to kill them of would be helpful. Nothing personal, it's just it be better for the story. And just because you give me permission doesn't make you go in automaticly (though it would help your chances), and it doesn't mean i will kill you. It means I might.
So come one folks. Help me out. If you don't, I'll have to make up characters, and that'll be messy.
Peace out.


  1. btw, i don't want your life story, just a quick history

  2. You should already have mine. If not, it's on my blog. Second newest post.

    1. never mind, i've got the basic cut of your OC

  3. your second newest post is a pic of Kai

  4. Im just putting this here so i don't lose it

    Name: Lynxia Lost

    Age: looks 14/15, is ???

    Magic: Adept, Necromancy and bone breaking

    Weapons: bow and arrow, 3 knives strapped to belt with lengths of 9cm, 11cm and 13cm.

    Appearance: Waist length almost-black hair. Eyes have white iris's but often wears blue contacts in mortal world so as not to freak them out. Wears a stripy black and white top with black skinnys and deck shoes normally but if on a job wears black short sleeved polar neck made of unknown thin material (makes it light :) ) with white skinnys, bear foot.

    History: Is the daughter of Tallulah Vengeance, a psycho who killed loads of people before being locked up. Unknown dad. When she was 6 she ran away to Necromancer Temple to train. However, when she was 10 she hit the High Priest because he degraded her in front of others. She then became apprenticed to Tesseract. Now that Tesseract is dead she has taken over his job and recovered his files and took on any awaiting work

  5. ME! Please. Pretty please with die on top?

    Us? You mean, like sparky wanted? *sighs* you're taking all the interesting stuff out of us, you know. Never mind though, coz i AM me. If that males sense.

    Name: Star Inkbright (Likes to be called either Star or Ink).

    Power: Adept. Ink powers. I can move ink, like percy jackson can move water. And if water is inky enough, i can control that, though not as well. I might make mistakes. I can absorb ink - not tons and tons though. Also i can produce ink, like, make it form in my hand (like, squirt ink at people). Doing this tires me out though. Also, i can sense ink, sense where it is. And if somwone pours ink on a piece of paper, i can move it off, leaving the original words. Also i can make and remove tatoos. The last things in my list aren't that useful, but still.

    Appearance: Sword. Hangs from waist. Hoodies and jeans, mostly . . . Not protecive clothing - not everybody could have met ghastly, that's just impossible. Blue eyes, blondish brown hait. That means, brown hair which is a bit blondy. FRECKLES - i always, always seem to forget about them. Drawing and tatoos on arms and hands which i can make, change and make disappear at will (using ink powers)

    Personality: Pretty random. I have often been known to suddenly comment on how the sky looks whilst in a convsation about something completely different
    Dreamy. Like, daydreamy. Sometimes i just drift off and don't listen to a word the people around me are saying. Once my head if year came up to me and told me to put my phone away, but i didn't here her till she shouted at me and she thought i was ignoring her. Whoops.
    I don't hold grudges. I will be mad at people for a but, then my anger will just . . .fade. And then i forgive them.
    Determined. I'm not so much determined till i really get going on something, and then i really do not want to give up. Even if it's just a crappy thing for school or whatever. But that isn't always . . . Only if my mind gets, like, attached to it. Dunno how that works.
    CRAZY! I get be pretty mad sometimes. Like . . . A mad person. Yeah. But pretty much everyone on here's crazy.

    History: DAMN! History? Do you actually NEED history? Really?

    And, yeah, you can kill me if you want. I wouldn't mind being killed actually.

    Thank you.

  6. Name: Eve. Okay? Got it?

    Age: you know my age...right?

    Power: can appear to be everyones worst fear. *sighs* E.g. If yours was evil ties and Mists was...beetles, then I would appear to be an evil tie to you, and a beetle to Mist.

    Weapons: Teeth and nails. Sharp.

    Personality: Don't you know me? Shish. Time to study the comments a bit more. I am quite a cheery person. And I'm funny, and Im nice, and I'm cool, and I'm pretty, and I'm.... Hmm. I seem to be doing something. Anyway, if someone yells at me, I wont yell back, I'll sulk. You know that, don't you? Anyway, the rest you should have already figured out by now.

    Appearance: Light brown, slightly wavy hair. Actually, not really wavy. But not straight, you know? Anyway, it ends at my shoulders. Um, blue eyes, fair skin...yeah.

    History: one day, while I was trapped in a toy chest, I decided to ride a vulture to Afruca and back. Then I ate green eggs and ham. The end.

  7. Can I put mine in? Just because I've left, doesn't mean I'm not making myself up-to-date with what's going on on the blogs.

    Lavender Hope
    Age: 15, almost 16

    Appearance: Has dark hair, brown eyes, and glasses (but likes using contacts if in fights so as not to break her glasses). Is smaller than she looks, so she looks like a 12 year-old.

    Clothes: Plain jeans, not too tight. Likes wearing long sleeves. She wears zip-up jackets, with hoods, over T-shirts if necessary. Clothes are not magic. She likes being plain.

    Weapon: When she can, she likes using a bow and arrow, but in close combat, she uses daggers, or knives if you call them that. Easy to conceal, quick to bring out. At the moment, she only uses one. It's hidden in a secret, safe pocket in her sleeve.

    Likes: being mostly friendly, hanging out with friends, making new friends, CHOCOLATE!, and getting into trouble

    Dislikes: vampires, anyone who messes with her friends, killing people, cause that's just not how she is, and people who are annoying.

    Magic: Adept, can transform into any animal. Also, her favorite animal to be is a wolf or dog, but if it's for sneaking around, she'll be a cat. And she likes being a hawk for speed and flying.

    Her weakness about her power is that she can only be an animal for 2 hours and a half. And she has to turn back to a human before turning into another animal. It takes one second to change her form.

    Description: Since she is smaller than she looks, she acts like a 10 year old, which gets a lot of people annoyed, and is perfect for an unsuspecting bad guy... But, sometimes, like when she fights, she is perfectly mature. Is hyper a lot, so she talks fast and that gets on peoples nerves. And when she's hyper and excited, she starts to bounce up and down on the spot. Talks and jokes a lot, but knows when things get serious (like when it comes to fighting or friends), and tries to make her friends feel better when they get sad. Is very loyal to her friends.

    Since her power can let her be any animal in the world, she uses it for things such as running(cheetah), swimming(dolphin, cuz she likes dolphins) and climbing, sometimes she climbs, sometimes she flies(as a hawk). Also, she likes using a British accent cause she thinks it sounds cool, but her real accent is American. Specifically, Californian

    Not much history. Just that my power came naturally to me. As in one day, I just discovered that I could turn into an animal at will.

    And yes. You have my permission that you can kill me in the story.

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  10. I am very sorry for the above mistakes. This format is new to me and I messed up. Multiple times. Well if you want to use my character, here it is.

    Well I would prefer not to die.....

    Lord Vlaedr
    Age: 17-ish

    Height: About 6ft tall.

    Apparel: Black and Grey camo pants, layered leather chest armour, with black cloak to seal the deal.

    Weapon: Has his claws, but you can’t scratch everything, right? CA M870 Sawed off shotgun with shoulder strap. Also a few grenades. Just in case.

    Powers: Well you see he is a wolf-bear. Originally. That is when he takes off his magical silver ring. When the ring is on, he looks human, but has claw-hands, wild fur hair, and an insatiable appetite for humans. Has amazing strength and stamina due to the magical meddling of a mysterious doctor. Oh, and he heals. Faster than normal. But not like Wolverine. A LOT slower.

    Personality: Well he is impatient, has a very bestial nature, hates long trips, loves hunting and chasing things (enemies, deer, humans), loves tea (calms his Beast down), and has feral rages all the time. Also has a strong urge to eat humans every now and then. Doesn’t always stop it.

    Descriptions: He is tall, obviously. Has longish, dark, fur hair. It is all matted and bunched together so he doesnt bother combing it. Has luminous green eyes, due to magical side effects. Has a strong, lined jaw and looks kind of wolfish. Mildly sharp teeth. Extremely sharp Bear-Claw-Hands. Got it?

    History: Its long. If you want it, tell me. If you want the short version, TELL ME.

    There. Want to know anything else, then ask me.

  11. Full name : Kristin Elisabeth Turner
    Preferred name: Kris

    Age: why would I tell YOU?? Anyway, LOOKS about 14/15

    Power: the coolest one anyone could ever think of (don't ask me, what do I look like? The dictionary of cool powers??)

    Personality: pretty boy-y.... Not at all into dresses and gossiping and shopping. That stuff makes me sick. I love to write and I know how to have a great time. I'm pretty average in everything. My sports are: basketball, white-water rafting, caving, rock-climbing, tennis, swimming, cross-country running, track running, skiing and a few others. I love movies a ton and I read books a ton. I love neon colors and I laugh too much and I smile too much and I haven't cried for a long time. I write poems more than I do anything else and it's my secret dream to travel the world while being the world's most loved author. There is a lot of other stuff, too, but that's all for now!!

    History: make one up, mine is VERY complex

    1. Oh, and I'm 5 feet 3 inches by the way.

      I have brown hair with blonde and red highlights (natural, of course!) It's easier to call it copper, but it really is brown with, well, you know. My friends all say it looks red in the sunlight, brown in the dark or when it's wet, and blonde when I come back from a vacation to the beaches of California.
      I have hazel brown eyes.

    2. Oh, and, you can kill me. Actually, please do. I'd love to find out how I die. I may be all cheery on the inside, but I'm pretty darn goth on the inside. This will be the last post I do. Though I don't promise it, I'm pretty sure I now have covered all the details you need to know. If you read my profile, you'll find out that I live in Washington D.C. In the U.S.A... But before I moved there, I lived in Michigan for the first 8 and a half years of my life. My birthday is in February. My lucky number is 9. My favorite color is red. I hope that covers everything. Oh, and my favorite subject in school is English, but my least favorite subjects are Spanish and... Well, you don't need to know that class. I also have glasses. I look like a clone of my dad in girl form and I look nothing at all like my mom. I'm Austrian, German, British and American. I have pale skin and a small nose and small ears and hair that is curly after I get it wet, wavy after it dries, and straight once it's been slept on. I have a sister that is in between 20 and 25. My brother is in between 15 and 20. I am the youngest in my family and not happy about it. I love to travel and have gone to many, many different places all around the world. I feel so lucky to have gone all the places I've gone because not everyone gets to do that at such a young age. I am the technology wiz in my family, and I live in a 4 floor town house in Washington D.C. I have 2 current best friends, and had 2 in Michigan, too, before i moved and lost touch. I wish I hadn't, though, you know... Lost touch. I'm pretty sure that is all and the power on this iPad is almost out so I hope I get picked to be in a story!!!!!!!!

    3. Wait... HOLD ON!!!!!! My hair goes down a few inches below my shoulders. Ok, I'll go now... But no guarentee. If only I could find the charger to this stupid thing......... Oh, and btw, that's not even close to my life story and I kinda get carried away so don't blame me. Ok, anyway.... I'll go. BYE!!!!!!!!! Please pick me!!!