Friday, 23 March 2012


This post is IMPORTANT for anyone wanting to go on the Blogland trip (I've decided to call it that). I need several things.
One. You need to stay updated to this blog. I might have announcements or news which you need to hear, and I can't mention it on Derek's blog, now can I. So stay updated with EVERYTHING that goes on this blog, from posts to comments.
Two. If you want to come, comment and say so. Even if I mentioned your name, tell me if you want to come, and if you can. We need some idea of whose coming.
Three. We need chaperones. Anyone who can get their parents to come, that’s great. If, for one, probably can’t get my parents to come. My mum will probably want someone in Australia to have a parent come, so she could contact them and talk to them. Anyone who can get their parents to come, say so.
Quick recap
Keep updated
Tell me if you’re coming
And we need parents or chaperones


  1. Just so you know, I'm planning on going, but I'm planning on going with my family as people looking for Derek or else simply going to Ireland. And then I'll probably "run into" you guys at the airport and be "really surprised" when I hear that you're in to SP too. And then, hopefully, my parents will be convinced and all that.

    I don't know you at that point and they aren't meant to know that I do either.

  2. Well, i think we'll be the people holding a big sign that says BLOGLAND
    so when people get of the plane, they know where to go

  3. No, hold up a sign saying something Skulduggery Related so then I'll have an excuse to come over.

  4. I think it'll be someone alreaady in Ireland
    Are you comming?

  5. Yeah, or someone in the UK who gets there before us

  6. I reckon they'll just meet up with Flame and we can build from there.
    Speaking of which, have you told him about this?

  7. I emailed him
    He commented on the last post, but i haven't heard from him about this one

  8. ...I don't go overseas very much. It's highly unlikely that I will go the same time you guys do, if I go at all. Maybe when Im twenty-one, eh?

  9. Yay! I'm being used as a gatherer!

    Yay- *laughs*

    If only I could get an excuse to go to the airport....

  10. Do you not thinjust holding a sp book would be a great idea?

  11. Most people wouldn't see it...

    Nix, NJ Maveric wants to join. I dunno how he found out, ask Flame.

  12. He/she also lives in Ireland...I think it's a she...

  13. I want to come! I'll probably be old enough to go on my own by the time book 9 comes out, so maybe I could be a chaperon, too... Or I can ask my parents, but we will need money and I'm the only one that's saving for a plane ticket... But I'm still definitely going!

  14. Okay
    Mist who meets us by surprise
    Eve- I'm not quite sure what you mean?
    Sparky- Good
    Flame- hardly have to ask
    Lav- Course yuo can come
    NJ Maveric- How did you find out about this? and sure you can come

  15. Can I come? And when were you thinking?
    If I can come, please tell me soon.

  16. I'm coming! Sorry - just saw this post.

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