Thursday, 29 March 2012

Timing is Everything

Okay. I have a basic idea of who is going. Although the people I mentioned a couple of posts down should be told (by email) about this, so I can get a better idea of who is going. I am disappointed that not many people told me if they could bring a chaperone. Please, we need to know this stuff. But the main point of this post is something different. Timing. I want people's opinions on when to go on this trip. I think that we should go early January, because it's the summer holidays in Australia, so we might be able to spend some time there. But I am also aware that it might not be the holidays in Ireland when we go. I still need everyone's name, the place they live (country), if they can go, if they can bring a chaperone, for how long, when they can go and so on. Some of you weren't very clear. And people who live in Ireland, I need you to see about a place for us to stay, preferably a hotel or something. Everyone, we need money. You need money for the flight there and the flight back, which is very expensive from Australia. Very. And we need money for a place to stay. I don't know about you guys, but i want to stay there for two or three weeks, to get the fullest out of this journey. We can only do this once, so I want to do it right. So to recap. I need you to fill this out:

Can you go:
When can you go:
Can you bring a chaperone:
How long can you go:

Any other details that you think should be on there put them on. The other thing is when do you think we should go? Give a month people. And start getting money for this. It's all well to say you want to go, but it's a few thousand from Australia, and you want to start getting that money. Get a job, I think. It's the best way to afford this. Parents might run out of money a few weeks before you go, or change their minds, or something. Ireland people. See about accommodation. There are a lot of people coming, and we need a place to stay.
Everyone got that? Got it? You! What was the first thing I said? You don't know? IDIOT!
Do it fools!


  1. I'm from Australia- in Wollongong.
    I think I can go, it depends on when.
    Well, my family is going to England in 2014, so they thought i could do it then, but that's a long time away.
    I don't know if I could bring a chaperone, if i did, it would have to be when went to England.
    Probably 2 weeks.

    Also, do you really think we Australians can cough up 2,000 in 9 months?
    And, if I did come, I couldn't go in Jan because I have this thing on in Queensland.

  2. Oh! If it's early Jan in Australia, it will be the middle of winter over there and the plane could get delayed or something. The best time to go to Britain is in the middle of OUR winter, then it's summer over there.

    Do you want my email?

  3. Well, i was thinking sometime after book 9, but maybe, i need people to tell me when they'd want to go

  4. Name: Pfft. You know my name.
    Country: Pfft. You know that too.
    Can I go: ...Probably not. But I still AM going to go...shut up...I'm going. Yes.
    Can a bring champagne: No.
    Can I bring a chaparone thingamabob: No. My parents will be coming when I go but they won't be lookin' after you people. They might take a liking to you after I "Run into you and meet you" but they won't be there essentially for your needs.
    How Long: I don't know.

    I would prefer to go in the summer holidays after Book Nine is released. THEN I can actually save up and persuade my parents to let me go.

  5. Summer hloidays are a favourite
    I want to go then too

  6. It disappeared. Dammit.

    Anyway, I can't go because even if I COULD convince my dad to take me to Ireland, that's as far as it gets. Times won't be negotiable. If I'm super lucky, I'll get there when you do and say hello to you guys at the airport. *shrugs* Practically impossible. I really do want to meet you guys, but I can't. Not this way. Sorry.

  7. hmmm

    Sometime, i'll arange some trip just for Australians, and we won't leave the country
    We'll go to NT or something

  8. Do Brisbane or Sydney or something like that. Theyve got the tourist attractions. It'll be easier to get our parents to take us there.

  9. ... Sydney would be bast, so Mist could come without lying to his parents

  10. yeah, we'll do Sydney one day
    we'll go see Mist and Sparky

    1. If you're thinking about an only Australian's trip, maybe I can still meet you there...

      I don't know, but I DO want to go to Australia too. :)

  11. Name: Lavender(unless you want my given name, which I can tell you now that other people already know)
    Country: USA
    Can I go: If you were thinking after book 9 comes out, I think I can
    Can I bring a chaperone: Maybe, or I can be a chaperone. I'll be old enough. If not, I'll ask parents
    How long: If with parents, a week at most. Myself, as long as I can
    When: I'd say sometime after the 9th book comes out.

    Anything else: I didn't tell my parents about this plan yet... I was going to, but my mom changed the subject even before I said anything about this. I was getting to the point, then she just said something random... I'll try again though. Tell you what she says.

    1. I talked to my mom, Nix! She said if I catch up in school and get good grades the rest of high school, she would be a chaperone!

      I'm also going to make a video with her in it so you know what she looks like.(Not now, but sometime.)

  12. Cool. I might be able to do that one. But I can't do this one, sorry

  13. Im probably going to end up moving to austrailia. Well, the way things are. U know you probably wouldn't wan to meet me, sure, who am I, really? I'm a nobody. That's who. Now, I would ask my mother- but she wouldn't let me go. I can get to you people. Bit most likely the best time to come in my opinion is your winter, our summer. Why? I dunno. I just do. I'm stupid like that. But then- at least that way- we could stalk dereks house or something. Like maybe even pop around for tea. He's hoping for opera. Pffffft. Who needs her? He has us.

    And again, I state, I'm a nobody, so imma shut up now. Why? Cos no one cares about my opinion, that's why. I'll just be ignored anyway.

    Actually, if you do come to Ireland, you may aswell not tell me. Sure, why would someone want to meet me, I'm a stupid pathetic low-life, fool. With nothing better to do than sit around, doing nothing. So- yeah. That's my opinion and of course- itll be ignored.

    Also- Please don't give me this 'of course we like you' 'we want to meet you'.
    Trust me. You don't. Did I also mention, I'm Mr. Negativity. Or that's what they so called labelled me. Or guyliner. Choose your choice. I don't really care anyore. Again- I'm rambling pointlessly at my pathetic life. So, I shall shut up now...

  14. Yeah, because the rest of us aren't negative, or have pathetic lives. My original name was Nobody for crying out loud, do you think i made it that for no reason? No. I know i'm a nobody, but i don't give a damn. And they've labeled me much worse, okay?
    Flame. I could tell you to stop feeling sorry for yourself. I could tell you to stop complaining and do someting about what you tink of life. I did this so I could meet you all. ALL! I want to meet you. I might not you guys to meet me, but I want to meet all of you.

  15. I want to meet you all.

    End. Of. Story.

    1. It gives me a nice sense of having a position of authority when people say that.

  16. Country:Australia!
    Can you go: I should be able to considering I'll be out of highschool by then.
    When can you go:Anytime! Summer holidays are preferable ^^
    Can you bring a chaperone: No... sorry about that.
    How long can you go:As long as I'd like to stay there... haha :)