Saturday, 14 July 2012

Not goobye, just a see you soon

Most of you may, and should, have heard that I’m taking a break, leaving for a couple of weeks. I want you all to know that you people didn’t drive me away, but are the reason I’m coming back. But this mostly goes to Sparky. Can someone show her the link? Sparky, I took my anger and grief out on you, and I’m sorry. You’re one of the best people I know, and I didn’t mean anything I said. I was mean and spiteful, and wanted someone to try and hurt the way I’ve been hurting. Please forgive me. Mist, I’m not leaving forever. I’ll be back, don’t worry. You’re still awesome. Eve, you’re a great friend, and I know you’ll have a pile of ovens waiting for me when I get back. You can always make me smile, and somehow make me feel better without just trying to get me to laugh. You deserve more than you get. I just wanted to say something to you three especially. Everyone else, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, you’re all worthy of being praised. I’ll miss you all.


  1. You better get back....


    I didnt even get a bone thrown in my honour....

  2. ...I'm sorry for being such a bitch about the competition today. That was unnecessary.

    Please come back soon, the ovens are really piling up here...

  3. Oh, and, *throws bone in Vlaedr's honour*

  4. *nods slowly*

    It's alright Nix, old boy.

    Come back in your own time.

  5. Bye Nixon, seeya soon! hope you have fun on your Vacation!

  6. Servus kamerad.
    As it is and as it always will be. The power of repulsion will forever outweigh the power of attraction.

    Don't you go forgetting about us!