Sunday, 29 July 2012


You all remember Dylan? That was his best known name. He was also Jasper at one point. I don't remember the rest...
A lot of you weren't very nice to him. I'm not saying all of you, but a lot. That was a bad time in Blogland. I admit I wasn't very nice to him. I also realised what I was doing, and treated him like he should have been treated. That was about the time everyone started treating him like that. But that was too late. His view of Blogland was not a happy one.
He was also suicidal. I remember once he tried to commit suicide. I haven't heard from in in months, he hasn't posted on his blog, he didn't even comment once that I could see. I know he left, but he said he'd continue with the blog.
I worry about him a lot. I'm thinking the worst, and if anyone has any means of contacting him, please ask if he's okay.


  1. This is disturbing...

    To say the least.

  2. *frowns* Does anyone have his email?

  3. Don't have his email or anything, sorry.

    He said he was leaving though. He came back, but he mentioned that was temporary. Hopefully he just got bored of having a blog.
    I know a few people who have blogs but can't be bothered to post.

    Hopefully he's alright...

  4. Hhmmmm....

    ^ that suspiciously sounds like Mist trying to get me to post something..... .....or Eve.....

    ....Not sure....

  5. Oh god.

    I remember him. Dylan Silvers. Or something.

    We use to role fight, a lot.

    Oh god.

  6. Wait, I think I can contact him...