Thursday, 16 August 2012

Meeting Derek

So, I'll start from when school ended.
The bus I take wasn't there, of course. So everyone that was waiting for the bus walked about a hundred meters, me as well, and I looked back and said "Hey, isn't that the bus...?"
So we ran back
Then I almost ran home. I got all 9 of my books, and left for the bus station, with my mum. After the bus was late by 20 minutes of course, we left and got to the city. My plan was to buy the special editions are the store, because anyone that could be bothered buying special editions should be at the store. I wasn't the only one with the idea, and there were 4 special edtions there, and $14. I decided to just get to the event and hope that all were there, and cheaper. Well, there was no long line and $10 a book. Got all 6 special editions before the event.
Then this woman started on triva before Derek got there. She didn't even know the answers, and had to check the sheet every second. Then the triva was interupted as Derek saunted into the room. He was awesome.
The even was held in a church hall, it was that overbooked. As soon as Derek got to the front, he said he felt like this is were he should be. He started rolling in with the jokes, all being tremindously funny. Then he started with some Q and A. He was just about to ask me, but the woman interupted him and said he should answer only two more questions. Derek didn't ask me, but that was okay because he answered my question when signing.
So, we lined up in a line that was practally laps around the hall. I was one of the first, and the place where they told us to start lining, but people started queing right in front of Derek's desk. May they grow fungi in their armpits.
So the women interupted the signing by starting the best dressed competition. It took about 15 minutes, and I was bored.
So, the signing started. I was now unfortunatly no longer at the front. Blame the armpit fungi people. This woman (different to the other one) asked people, one by one, what they wanted one of their books to be signed to and put a sticky note in the book saying the name. I picked Nixion in KOTW. The girl behind be noticed it was Nixion. Turned out she was Izz!
I was awkward, as always. I'm better at conversation when there's no presure, and, you know, not in real life. I pretty much failed at this conversation, but I met Izz! Hi Izz!
So, after 25 minutes or so, I got to Derek. I asked this woman who was passing the books along to Derek how many books I could get signed, and she said all of them. I have 15 books in total, now all signed by Derek.
When Derek saw Nixion, he looked at me and asked if I was the same Nixion. This was what I was asking! Did he remember me! And he did! I said yes, and he gave me a brofist? Am I watching too much PewDiePie?
Never mind. He said he'll see me on the blog. I gave him a few questions on paper and he said he'll answer them on the blog. I said I'd see him next time he comes, and he gave me the thumbs up. Let that mean he'll be coming again.
After that, I needed to sit for a minute. It was too much to take in.
This was, by far, awesome-er than sliced cheese



  1. That sounds absolutely amazing!
    And what a coincidence Izz was right behind you!
    Yay, Nix!

  2. woohoo!!

    go Nix!!

    now I know I can take all my books!!

  3. Awesome Nix!
    And it's so funny that Izz was right behind you as well!

    Lucky you!

  4. That is so cool! 15 books... And he recognized you! That is so COPLEYEFUZZLEDEDLY AWESOME!!!!

  5. LUUUUCKKY!!!!! I am soo jelly.....