Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Adios Amigos, and Keep Smiling!

Well, that is it. Now the laptop is being taken, and I shall have to survive without internet (or limited imternet, depending on the amount of time my family spend at home)

This is not goodbye, merely farewell

See you on the flip side! (I can't believe I just said that...)




  1. Wow. Is that the end of Nix????????????????

    1. Heck no! Darn it, no!
      This isn't how I go!
      I'm gonna kill it! I'm gonna kick life's butt,
      And win it, to win it.
      I'm gonna take life's name,
      And spit on it, and kick it!
      Life can just go eat it,
      'Cause this is a man's game!

    2. *laughs*
      If only blog comments had like buttons too... Cause that is so funny! XD

      The first two lines made me think of Percy Jackson when the Apollo cabin cursed the Ares cabin. :P

  2. Auf wiedersehen Nixion!

    By the way what was that show called? I remember the guy would always say that but I can't remember what the show was called. My parents don't remember it but I loved it...
    Oh well you probably can't answer me because you're gone. But anyway.

    Good luck surviving!

  3. Even though I wasn't(and still am not) around much, I'm going to miss ya.

    Be warned: I still haven't caught up on reading some of your blogs and posts, so when you get back, you might have some comments to read from me. ;P

    Farewell, Nixion Strange! We shall meet again! (Is it just me, or has my personallity/writing changed a bit? Or do you even notice a difference? Oh well.)

  4. Bye Nix!

    I'll see you soon. Very soon. Sooner than you think.
    Well, probably not that soon.

    See you soon!

  5. *weeps in the corner*

    I miss him already!!!