Friday, 2 November 2012


So, this a good a time as any to tell you people who don't know.
On the 28th or 29th of November, the school takes this laptop back. So, for the summer holidays, until late Janurary/ early Febuary, no laptop. I might, maybe once every two weeks, get to go on my computer... But that's it.
No posts for two months. No writing for two months. No hearing from me for two months. Except the few times I get on the computer
I'm going to have to unsuscribe to a few YouTube channels just to make sure my email doesn't overflow. It overflowed when I left for four days...

And I can't write by hand, I have to type. Writing by hand takes too long, I haven't the attention span. So no writing for a couple a months.

Just thought you ought to know


  1. I did know this, but it's still really, really sucks.

    Any chance of using Library computers or anything?

    1. Well, that really sucks...

      Hope to hear from you from time to time, then. You'll be missed for sure.

  2. Aw no! Nix, at least write down your ideas. I understand that writing by hand is a real bore, but just jot down a few ideas every now and then. Come back soon!