Sunday, 28 October 2012

Adventure Time

Do me a favour?
If you haven't watched every episode of this, do it now. NOW
If you haven't seen the least two episodes of AT, DO NOT READ THIS. Please. Even if you have no intention of watching it. Because you really should. So if you haven't, leave this blog. I'm serious. I will be angry if I find out you read this without watching the episodes

Now, AT (can't be bothered writing out full title) ranks second best on my favourite shows list, right after Avatar. Why, you may ask? BECAUSE IT IS MATHING AWESOME

It has humour- and more so than any show I've watched before. DAMN, this show is funny. It also has a good plot. Based on a post apocalyptic world after a nuclear war. But light hearted, not serious
This is also one of the few shows that has good music made by the show. But what makes a show a EXTREMELY good show? That it can make you feel for the characters, which is especially hard in a comedy based show. ATLA and AT are the only two shows that come to mind that can do this for me.
So, now for the last two episodes of AT. I'm not going to explain the show as a whole, because if you haven't watched it you shouldn't be here.

First- Remember Me


This, my friends, is a quality episode. Maybe my favourite, maybe not, but it's up there let me tell you.
It starts off with Ice King singing "Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries?" (quite a good song). It's been on the mind of many a AT fan how Ice King knows Marceline's song, which has only been heard by Finn, Jake, Marce and Marce's dad. But anyway, he was singing it and he wants Marce to make him a song that will help him with the princesses. So he goes there and gets Marce all upset.
This, my friends, is where is gets brilliant.
Marce reveals that she actually likes Ice King, because after the war, when everyone was dead, they were the only two left. Ice King used to be human (anyone who's watched Holly Jolly secrets should know) and wrote down how Marce needed him, but his crown was changing him into a creature that is the Ice King.
I never do things justice explaining them, but damn, it was touching. Marce as a kid and Ice King as a human giving her a toy to make her feel better made me smile sadly (especially as this is the toy Marce said she loved the most ever before her ex sold it to a witch). But the way Marce sings makes me sad. She has a beautiful voice, and quite honestly makes me feel for her with every song she sings.
It was an excellent episode.

This, along with that episode What Was Missing are some of the best episodes in the show, because the songs very just make you feel sad, and are very good.

Now, on to the last epiosde of season 4. The Lich

The Lich is the villian of Ooo, the most powerful being ever. Finn bet him once, and unknowing to the characters, the Lich posessed a snail and didn't die.
The ep starts with Finn having a dream about him, Billy, a bear, Billy's girl and the snail all in Billy's cave. Finn is laughing at a TV, Billy's girl and the bear are playing, Billy is laughing with them and the snail is reading the Enchiridion. Billy frowns at the snail. It shows Finn is laughing at the image of the Cosmic Owl. Then the Enchiridion glows. It shows the shadow of the snail grow into something big. Billy looks frightened, attempts to run and the shadow gets him. Finn wakes up. Jake says that Finn has a premonition dream. They go see Billy, who seems fine, and he asks them if they want to help defeat the Lich. They agree.
The then gather all the princesses crown gems. After they collect all but one, they take a break. Jake, who is carrying the gems, asks how many more and Billy holds up one finger, not saying anything.
Finn goes into Billy's bag, trying to find food. Finn finds the Enchiridion, and asks Billy how he got it. Billy says he found it in the mouth of a bear. The bear Finn originally gave the Enchiridion to a while back. The book explains that the Enchiridion can open a dimensional portal when it has all the gems, and Billy says he'll push the Lich through there.
Finally, the last gem. Princess Bubblegum's. Finn burst into her room and without explaining tries to take the gem off, saying he needed it. Princess Bubblegum, who was carrying scissors at the time, slices Finn's cheek. After a moment where they were both stunned, she said it was an accident. Finn hisses and tears the gem out of her crown. When he leaves, she runs after him. Billy, who's outside, tells Finn to hurry up. Finn puts the last gem in the book, and it starts to glow. When Bubblegum sees Billy, she yells it's not Billy. Finn runs towards Billy. The Candy Kingdom's Gumball Guardians says "Lich Alert" and blasts Billy. Half of Billy's face is blown off, showing that he is the Lich. Also explaining why he didn't talk to Jake (Bubblegum previously stated that the Lich can't talk to anyone holding any of the gems)
Finn says the Lich 'messed Billy up' meaning he killed him. Finn smashes to book with his knee, but the Lich just smiles. When the book breaks, the dimensional portal opens. The Lich walks through. Jake grabs the Lich and tries to stop him, and Finn grabs Jake to stop him sliding into the portal. They both go into the portal.
It then goes to a scene with Finn having a nose, black eyes and a mechanical arm and Jake a regular non magic dog sitting outside next to a tree. The Other Finn's mom calls out to Finn, and Finn, in similar sounding but different voice asks Jake what he's done this time. They both go into the house.

This isn't the best episode, okay? But the cliffhanger is making me nervous. It is a good episode, don't get me wrong. I liked it a lot. Don't confuse me

Anyway, I just had to get those two episodes off my chest. Now people who shouldn't read this will comment, and I'll still be waiting for season 5 of Adventure Time

EDIT: I discovered Season 5 starts November 12th. Three weeks


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    Now I have to watch it.


  2. But... It takes time to watch it... I DON'T HAVE EXTRA TIME. IM BATMAN.

  3. I read the post without watching the show. I hate adventure time. Worst show ever. I also read the post. Did I already mention that?

  4. *does what zath did.*
    I adore Avatar though

  5. Adventure Time... is... AWESOME.

    Regular Show isn't near as good.

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