Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mark of Athena: Full Report

Spoilers will be included. Massive spoilers. I won't be stopping anything.

So, I finished it in seven hours. It would have been quicker, but I had to quickly post that last post on my blog, had to eat dinner, had to set up my back garden, watched a little TV (I'm easily distracted) and talk A LOT
My parents like to talk

So, anyway, Mark of Athena. Good or bad?

Well, I'll start at the beginning. Personally, I don't like a few of the characters in this particular book. Jason, because I just got the feeling he thought he was the leader, and he thought he was better than Percy. Frank, because he acted a little strangely towards Leo. Actually, that's about it.
I really like Percy, he's my favourite character, and Leo is my second favourite, so naturally when two other characters didn't get along with them (at least in my head they didn't. I know Frank and Leo didn't, but Percy and Jason got on surprisingly well) I won't like the other characters.

But enough about me!

From the start the two camps got on surprisingly well. I expected a lot more arguing. The Romans did eventually attack, but still. I expected more less getting on.
But then they seemed to not act as individuals. I know a lot of them would be pissed, but Percy had just saved their camp, and Jason used to be their leader. Surely a few would go 'Hm, maybe we should give them a go?' Whatever.

So Leo, Hazel and Frank. Yes, the book actually had a love triangle. It was obvious Leo was never going to go out with Hazel, especially after he found out Hazel liked him because she used to like his great grandfather and they look almost exactly alike. Now, if you haven't read the books, this would seem very much wrong to you. Hazel was born 60 years ago or something, to clear that up, bit died and was brought back to life in this time.

There was a scene where Jason and Percy fight because they are possessed. Fine by me. Except for the bit after the fight, when they're back to normal, that Jason says he could have killed Percy, and when Percy says he could have killed Jason as well, Jason doesn't believe him.
Percy defended Manhattan against Kronos' army. He fought they titan of light (I forget his name) and the actual king of the titans. Jason went to the titan's base when they weren't home and defeated one titan, the titan of southern stars of something. Very impressive. NOT.
Moving on.

So, I won't spoiler the plot, on second thoughts. The fight between Jason and Percy is pretty early on. Hazel liking Leo's great grandfather is near the end-ish, but honestly, I'm sure anyone who read the previous books could guess it would be something like that. I did. IT WAS OBVIOUS

I liked Annabeth in this book. In a few of the books, I didn't like her that much. She seemed a little selfish to me. But in this one, I actually liked her.

Oh, I will do one spoiler for the end. Someone (not saying who) that knows a lot says Percy is the most powerful demigod they've ever met. I could just imagine Jason's face at that point.
But Jason and Percy got on well. I thought they wouldn't, but they did. It was only near the end I got past my own thoughts of what would happen and liked all the characters.

Mark of Athena was great, absolutely brilliant. Especially the ending. I know HAVE to have the next book.

A few bits and pieces I didn't like, but it was really good.