Thursday, 11 October 2012

Well. Just one hole in the ground. OH MY GOD! A second one!

Yes. A decision was made.
First off, sorry for being a little stressed. I'll explain why in a minute. But I kinda got a little stressed when I said I couldn't watch the vids, and the most common answer was to find a way to watch them. I'm a very short fuse. I punched my friend in the stomach over him mispronouncing a word.
What? I have violent tendencies. Don't try and change me. You might get killed.

So, why I was so stressed. Regular reason would be because I had a decision to make. But you probably wouldn't understand. I have a inability to make personal decisions sometimes. Not just I find it difficult...
Once I thought for 45 minutes whether to have soup or bacon and eggs for dinner. In the end my mum just made me a toasted sandwich. I waited another three minutes to deiced if I should put sauce on it.
I'm better than I used to be, I'll give me that. When I was little I used to break down if I had to make a decision.
It's not always. Most of the time I can decide to do this, or do that. But when it's personal, and both choices are something I want, I have a really problem in choosing. I once walked around my house for three days carrying a pile of books because I didn't know which one I wanted to read first, and if I had to leave my room I took them with me in the hope the decision would just come to me. In three days I couldn't read three books (before I had the laptop, I just read every minute I wasn't eating, at school, talking or sleeping)
There's probably some medical name for inability to make decisions, or extreme difficulty to make decisions. Whatever.
All I know at the moment is that I'm getting extremely tired of typing decisions.

Now, for some news on the more political side. In other words, the darker side.
I've never been one for politics. I know which party I like and that's about it.
For those of you in Australia, you would have probably have heard about Julia Gillard's 50 minute vent in parliament. For those out of the wonderful land of Aus-
Julia Gilard is our Prime Minister. Following me so far? She's the first female Prime Minister in Australia, and between you me and the popsicle stick, she's been getting so much crap. Honestly, some people are so sexist. It's amazing how many of them work in politics.
So anyway, Tony Abbott (or is it Abott? I always forget) says something to the Prime Minister which was completely out of order in my opinion. I don't quite remember what he said, but I remember not liking it. So Julia Gilard stands up, and vents her anger.
Recently, a radio host said that Julia Gilard's late father died of shame because of his daughter. Naturally, this caused a commotion. Personally, I would have broken the man's arm. Julia just responded with a dignified silence, ignoring the radio host's phone calls and saying little on the subject.
I think Abott (or Abbott?) said the government was dying of shame, which clearly related to the earlier comment. Julia Gilard got angry, as any person would, and said that the government wasn't dying in shame, her father didn't die of shame, and she was tired of the sexist remarks she was getting from the opposition. It was impressive, in my opinion.
Yes, I support Labour (Julia Gilard's party). Maybe it's because I remember the last Liberal leader (Liberal being the opposition) and it didn't go well, maybe because I argee with Labour's plans and disagree with Liberal's, or maybe it's because if Liberal win the next election, my mother will most likely lose her job from government job cuts.
Whatever the reason, I think that Julia Gilard is a much better leader.

Now, to end of this post with no apparent fixed topic, I give you the miracle of Google Images


  1. Good on you for making a decision.

    I personally loved Gillard's rant. Seriously, I was enjoying every second. Abbot (I think that's right) was so in the wrong. I particularly enjoyed the bit where he started looking at his watch and then her response... *starts laughing again*
    In all seriousness, though, I do support Gillard. I think she's a whole lot better than some of the other people we've gotten in the past *COUGHJOHNHOWARDCOUGH*.

    And that picture?

  2. Hahah, sounds kind of like South African politics. Except, with our ministers, violence usually breaks out and genitals are used as weapons. I am not even joking. It has been hushed...

  3. OK.
    *deep breath*

    How the F*CK could anyone like Julia? I like you Nix. You're a great person and an interesting conversationalist. Same with Mist.
    But honestly guys. What the actual f*ck?
    If I could choose anyone to be prime minister and anyone to be thrown in a pit of serial killers off their meds. I would make the chocolate beside me the leader of the country.
    Julia gets the pit for the most part because of her accent (how anyone, let alone Abbott, could listen to her nasal monotones for 50 minutes I have no idea) but also because I don't trust her. Sure, she's the first female prime minister but that doesn't mean we can cut her slack and label every critism of her as sexist.
    Dare I mention the Carbon Tax which was specifically promised as not to happen. Dare I mention her past dodgy dealings. Dare I mention the fact that she's never had kids and cannot possibly understand the positions of millions of Australians.

    Look. I don't really care about all those things she's done to the country. The whole system is f*cked anyway and I don't think Abbott would do any better job. I just hate Julia. Christ I think I hate most politicians. They're all idiots.
    Vote 1 Derek Landy (or the chocolate).

  4. My replying thing isn't working, but this is in reply to you Izz

    Speaking as someone with a lisp, I not only find it annoying, but almost insulting when people are judged by the way they speak. I try to never judge anyone by the speech.

    I'm not saying every comment against her is sexist. You misunderstand me. I'm saying the very fact the comments are being said is sexist. I don't think you could seriously believe she's the worst Prime Minister of all time? John Howard was ten times as worse. But she's got more shit than any other Prime Minister. I'd expect some things, yeah, but this extreme number, and extreme comments in itself is sexist.

    Yeah, she said the Carbon Tax wouldn't happen, and then she made it. But I would be almost certain when saying that when she first said it wouldn't happen she believed it. But she changed her mind. Maybe she got more infomation, maybe she was advised to or maybe she just honestly changed her mind. I know it's kind of wrong to do it when she said she wouldn't, but if she believed it should happen she had no choice, otherwise she never would have forgiven herself. Anyway, the Carbon Tax needed to happen. People are whining about how they don't want to pay money while companies are damaging to enviroment with no consequences for them. I think she needed to do it.

    Her dodgy past dealings? Do you mean she had a boyfriend who commited fraud? I think it was fraud...
    Anyway, if she didn't do it, I see absolutley no reason for it to affect her. I've had dealings with people who've comited crimes. Does that mean I'm not a good person?
    Also, let me mention that Abbott once punching a wall right besid a woman's head for almost no reason. Did anyone tell him off for that? Nooooo

    She hasn't had kids? You're joking right? Because a woman hasn't had kids yet is a reason she isn't a good leader? That is stereotypical to say she has to have kids, and downright insulting. It's her personal choice, and it shouldn't affect how people vote.
    She doesn't understand the possitions of Australians. That, I will give you. Because I've never heard of any politition who's understood the average person. There are people who come close, but I've never heard of any.

    Honestly, nobody truely likes politicians. You just go along and pick the one you think is best. There is no such thing as a perfect politician. But I think people are ignoring the job Julia's doing and are getting personal with things that have nothing do to with them or the country

    My opinion

    1. Alright, maybe she can't help the way she speaks. But for me the voice is like the whole "fingernails on a blackboard" thing. For some reason I can't stand it. I just can't.

      You might not say every comment is sexist. But others certainly do. In some cases there's a d*ckhead who really does say something sexist about her. But when people talk about using the word "she" to mention Julia being sexist I just shake my head. It's always going to be her primary defense and that disappoints me. It's just so petty.
      And whether Howard was worse or not I don't know because I never paid much attention to politics back then. But I disagree when you say Julia taking a bunch of sh*t. All I ever hear is "aww give her a chance" and "well she is a woman" and I swear that must be the only reason she gets votes. The more I hear about her the more I see she's a b*tch. She's just like one of those popular girls who lead the cliche and think they're so much better than everyone else around them. But ask them to put up an act and they'll have you second guessing your own life story. I don't like her and I don't trust her.

      You don't know her. You can have no idea who she is and what her thoughts are. You can only assume that she regretted the Carbon Tax. I honestly don't care about this environment shit. If climate change kills us all then climate change kills us all. What does it matter?
      Once again I say that you don't know if she was involved or not. Something small like that would be easy for anyone to cover up. Whether she did or she didn't: who knows?
      This article was published in 2007:
      It says she joined the ALP at age 16. I wonder why? If there's one constant I've noticed in the mini-society of my school it's that the goody-2-shoes, dibber-dobbers and popular girls always reached for the impressive roles. Can you imagine the praise she would have gotten for joining the ALP?!
      "ohhh look at Julia! She's a little politician already."
      "why don't we all give her a round of applause?"
      It's such utter bullsh*t. I've seen it happen so many times I've stopped laughing.

      And I'm just glad Abbott punched the wall and not the girl's head (which by the way he did cop a lot of flack for). At least he had that much self control.

      I never said she wasn't a good leader because she doesn't have kids. Not once did I say that. But being a good leader and having the knowledge and intelligence to use the power of leadership in the right way are 2 different things. By never having a child she can have no idea what kind of situation your mother's in. She doesn't know what it's like to love and care for a child. I know it's her choice. But it detracts from her general knowledge.
      It's like lowering her stats in that area.

      Ahhh, the average person. That mythical being that everyone thinks they are and yet no one understands. It's not just about the average person, far from it, it's about society as a whole. If you don't understand the way our society works then you can't do what's best for it. That's why I don't think having a single leader is the right thing to do. Our government needs people who represent everyone: from the outcasts to the big-noses and everyone in between. But I know my dream is impossible because the same rules of society apply in a government. The Julias and the Abbotts will always overpower those of lower levels in society.
      It would be like school student representitives all over again.

    2. I guess I just hate society. I hate the way it puts a pecking order on everything. I hate how the people who make the decisions don't care. I hate how Julia's too scared to show her gray hairs. I hate Abbott's stupid speedos. And I hate people falling for the act.
      Lucky country my arse. It's cheaper to live in Germany than it is to live here. And the weather's terrible.

      You say I'm getting too personal. I say we have to get personal. We have to get personal so we can see through all the facades and bullsh*t.

      And yes. That's just my opinion too.

    3. Oh my. This conversation just keeps getting longer...

    4. Izz, you're making grand assumptions. Huge assumptions. Untold quanities of assumptions

      You know how much she's winning in votes? About 8%. It's not that much. She's not popular. But she's winning, not because she's a woman, but because most people who can vote don't like Liberals.

      Why should you care about the enviroment? Because it's not our planet, and it's people who think only selfishly about us and ignore the consequences almost disgust me. I'm going to do a whole post about this, but any company who thinsk they can do whatever the f**k the want with the enviroment, no matter if it kills us all and a ton of other species just are horrible people.

      She joined the ALP at 16. Who cares? Maybe, like me, she supported it, or maybe she wanted to make a difference. But I doubt she did it for praise, especially when a lot of people don't supported ALP.

      People have been sued for less than what Abbott did. Gilard knew someone who comited a crime. It could be argueed Abbott did comit a cime. And he didn't get nearly as much attention for that than Julia did for her assosiation.

      So Gilar has no idea about being a parent because she hasn't had kids? Then it could be argued you don't know anything about politics because you're not a politican. But that's not true. You can know what something is like without experiencing it. Also, may I point out Labour, which she is leading, has done more for parents that Liberal has ever done, or even tried to do.

      Julia lived in an area not too far away from me. Let me tell you, being anywhere around here makes you know what the lowest members of society are like.
      Oh, and with the grey hair thing. If you're confident with how you look, even if you have grey hairs, than I envy you. But speaking as a person who is extremely likely, because of genitics, to go grey at 20, I can tell you that I would hide them as well. My mum dyes her hair, and she's not confident about how she looks. But I don't see how it's a reason to dislike someone. It's an insecurity.

      Lucky country. Ah, that misleading trap. Tell me, have you ever been to those countries like Afganistan, Iran, Korea or Thailand? Most of my friends have. And I can tell you that compared to them, we're much better off. We're in a very iscolated part of the world. We're lucky to be anything close to what we are. And not to mention we actually have one of the best Health systems in the world, better than American or England.

      When I say people are getting too personal, they're ignoring the big picture and focusing on what they want to.

      That is also my opinion

    5. Izz needs a visit from the Lorax. XD

  5. I want to put something here, like how I envy your political regime in Australia because it sounds like your leader has a good head on her shoulders, unlike our brown tongue Mayo imp! but I can't think of anything.

    All I keep thinking is... Slender is having a rave!! That is amazing. I didn't know he was such a badass dancer!