Friday, 12 October 2012

God... Help... Me

Is it wrong to complain about me when there are people in far worse pain? Maybe, but I'm going to do it anyway

My neck is literally killing me. I say literally because I can actually feel my soul die, piece by piece, from the pain. I can even move my right shoulder without wincing and freezing for a few minutes while my neck feels like it's breaking. And forget about turning my head in any direction. Or standing. Or picking anything heavy up. Or stretching. Or sneezing (and I have one heck of a cold). Or not being in pain, I can forget about that.

It's my damn bag. I gauretee you it's heavier than any other bag of yours.
Last year I had to bring all my school books back in the one day. This was before I had a laptop, so there were a lot of books, thick big books. My bag can sometimes be heavier than that.
How is it possible, you ask? Well, I have to give all the credit to this damn laptop.
A student once dropped his laptop and laptop bag on his toes, and broke at least two. I haven't met a student in my year level who has the same shoulder strap on their laptop bag as they did at the start of the year. They keep breaking. The thing-
Oh, I just saw a raven in my window.
... Shut up
The thing that breaks is the metal bit that connects the strap to the bag. First time I broke that I got a new strap and tried to pull the metal bit apart, just to see if it would break like the last one. It was brand new, never used before. It lasted a week. Only one metal bit broke, so I tried to pull apart the other one in anger. I couldn't do it. I connected it to my bag and lifted it up. I could see it being pulled apart, though it didn't break. I'm sure it would've if a kept it on longer.
So, if it's so strong I can't break it (and believe me, no to brag, but I can be pretty strong when I want to) how does it keep breaking? THE LAPTOP!
It puts a strain on the strap and metal bit, so it breaks. Can you imagine how it's putting a strain on me? I used to use the shoulder strap, but when my second broke I didn't bother getting a new one because my shoulder ached like mad. This was 5 months ago. My shoulder still hurts.
So there are little hand straps on it to carry it. I use those. After a few minutes of carrying it like that my hand's red and I have to switch hands, which can be awkward if I'm carrying books as well. The laptop by itself is heavy. The bag as well is painfully heavy. One of my teachers said it was heavy because it was shock proof. And he wasn't joking. I've seen the bags being thrown around like mad-
It's raining
-and the laptops haven't gotten any damage to them from that.
So every day I carry this laptop and laptop bag back from school to home. I have to bring other books as well.
Ever since the start of the year, when I started bring that laptop home, my neck and shoulders have been worse than ever. Halfway through May I had to go to the doctor's after I couldn't move my neck. At least that faded back to normal pain.
My year level's laptop is heavier than any other year level. These laptop's are not only preowned and heavy, but the worse quality. Other people have their own laptop, including the people who preowned them, so I'm one of the few who carry it home every day.
I'm not trying to complain. I'm glad I have a laptop. I just wish it was one of the other ones other year levels get.

My neck is feeling slightly better. I won't try try turning my head or standing, because I know that will bring that pain back.

Oh, and by the way, for those of you who care about my writing... Ah, I'll tell you later

Adios amigos, and keep smiling!


  1. Because I don't know what to say about your neck other than I hope it gets better soon - Ravens are awesome! And so is rain. *hopes it rains soon*

  2. I guess you could say that's a pain in the neck *ba-dum-tish*

    You should buy a different bag. Everyone at my school does; though fortunately most of our laptops are light.
    Anyway nice to hear about the raven rapping at your chamber door and I second Mist on the rain. I love rain. It's so relaxing.
    Anyway again. I can sympathise with the cold. I've had mine for the past three days and somehow I've stuffed up my ear from blowing my nose and now I need to take some meds for it.
    Good luck with your severe pain (maybe you should go to the doctor to make sure there's no permanent damage) and enjoy the weekend as much as possible.

    1. Nix has a neck in pain. That's a pain in the neck.
      Do you see what I did now?

    2. Nobody saw what you did there

      You probably would have seen what I did there with my old name...

    3. I saw what you did there.
      And I'm glad. I don't feel so awkward now.

  3. That sucks dude! Hope your neck heals soon. I care about your writing!!!!!!!!!

  4. Finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows under my covers for a couple of hours.
    Woke up the next morning, and flung my head up with excitement for my accomplishment. Heard a suspicious crack. A second later, as I was already on my way to the bathroom, the crazy pain began. I was sure I was going to die. I toppled onto my bed, and lay there shouting for help... Had a homemade neck brace for two weeks. Stayed home from school. It was winter vacation.
    I've never gotten out of bed with too much enthusiasm EVER again.

    I think you've been hit!