Friday, 19 October 2012

Can't... Pick... Topic... Title

Welcome mortals, so my humble abode.
I'm in pain
Last week I had hurt the right side of my neck, It still hurts, but a lot less. Or maybe it's the same, but the pain in the left side of my neck is drowning it out.
Yep, my left is hurtinmg now. Going from my neck to shoulder to back. PAIN. Well, at least I can move this one.
Oh, guess what else? I may have broken my finger. It's swollen and was bleeding and has a bruise on it, which is a sign to me that it may not be broken. I dunno. Guess we'll find out.

I've started cricket again. I cannot do anything but field for my life, but anyway. Mt batting skills are improving somewhat.


Watch Pewdiepie play it. It's right up there with my favourite Pewdiepie games like Walking Dead and To The Moon. And of course Slender.


Okay, I've run out of things to say, and typing is painful because sometimes I forget about the finger and use it for a letter

Peace out!


  1. Hope you fix yourself, Nix, you need that finger to type, and that neck to be an emu.

    Cricket...I hate it!

    I watched Pewdie play through Heavy Rain, and I saw spoilers in the comments, but I thought they were joking. That was my favourite character ever. I'm like, NOOOOOO! It's lucky he got the good ending, the others were pretty depressing. But Lauren was pretty badass in one of them.

    I've seen some of the earlier episodes of the Walking Dead, but I watched all of the new episode. I've caught on to the story though. ;)

    To The Moon...I will watch all the episodes this weekend!

    Happy Wheels too!

  2. I've been watching those Heavy Rain episodes since he first started playing them.
    My friend Jemma and I have gotten into the habit of randomly yelling out "JAAASON!" and "SHAAAUN!" and yes, we do get some strange looks.
    Unlike Eve I didn't get any spoilers and was utterly shocked when I found out. I had my money on Ethan from the start.
    Have you voted for the next game? I voted for Limbo and the Heavy Rain DLC. It's so funny when you click the link.

    My dad broke his finger playing cricket. And I must agree with Eve. It would have to be the most boring game ever invented.

    I still think you should go to the doctor and demand answers for that pain. Or at least some intense pain killers.

    Another thing you could watch is Thirty Flights of Loving. Pewdie was so confused and so funny at the same time.

    1. I es voted for Limbo. Watched ep one and lovin it

      I watch all of Pewds uploads except for Silent Hill and Rise of Nightmares, I gave up on those. Thirty Flights was just really weird...


    2. Whenever we're in a crowd or looking for someone, my brother and I say "Jason, Jason" in that weird voice he does. XD

  3. Pain. Poor you. Get fixed soon, Nix...

    Cricket, oh god... I used to enjoy it somewhat. You know, before I started disliking every sport. I can still bowl and bat pretty well, but it's boring. Bleh. ESPECIALLY ON TV.

    Haven't seen him play Heavy Rain, but that's because I've been watching the Walking Dead episodes lately. I want that game so much...


  4. Ugh. Cricket. I used to play it. Then one day I broke/cracked/totally sprained it. It went dark purple for a week, and my nail fell off. Next year I decided to go into martial arts. MUCH BETTER.

  5. aww..
    I hope you feel better, Nix.