Monday, 8 October 2012

You guys are awesome

Another epiphany! Knowing my mood swings, this won't last, but I don't mind
My epiphany is- That you guys who actually read my posts are the sort of people I want as my friends. The people I don't nessesarily talk to the most maybe, but you're all kind and funny and just... People I get along with.
I spent a long time sulking that hardly anyone reads my blogs. But now I don't care. Because you people, who comment on nearly all of my posts- You're just awesome.
I wanted other people- I'm not going to bother with names- To read my blogs. But if they don't, they don't. You people who do are the best people, and the people I like.
I won't bother putting my links around for this blog unless I want someone in particular to read it. Cause a comment from you people, who actual read my stuff because you want to, that's a comment I know isn't forced.
So, thanks a heap again for putting up with my nonsense. I'm really going to try for a post once every three days at the least.
For those of you who want to read some of my awesome stories (they're just the essence of awesome) and don't already, here's the link

Thanks Eve and Eddie and Vlaedr and Mist and Thrust and Izz, because you guys read my stuff the most. Vlaedr, I know I haven't been commenting on your stories, and sorry for that, but they're sooo bloody long! I'll get through them someday. And yes Eddie, I read most of your posts. You're a good reveiwer. Thrust, I'll get through yours as well, okay? Izz and Mist, you know I read your posts. Eve, I'd read your posts, but there are a severe lack of them.

Thank you, for wasting your valuble life reading this junk for absolutley no reason. And putting up with my spelling.


  1. Haha, no problemo Nix. I was actually starting to worry that they were too short!

    I am glad we are considered "funny" and "awesome". And I am amazed I got mentioned in your post! Makes my day!

    A toast to reading junk! :P *clink*

  2. Naw, thanks Nix!

    Your stuff's awesome - how could we not read it? You're awesome. *nods*

    And I'll keep reading your stuff forever, even though you know that already.

    *happy face*

  3. Well, you make some really interesting posts on this blog...

    And you know how incredibly hard it is for me to accept compliments, but....I AM pretty awesome. XD

    I hope you don't forget that you're all those things too. Plus green.

    Wow, really? I think I post way too often...

    Keep on epiphaning! And goodbye!

  4. No prob!
    =) That post just made my day!
    I'm starting to like you epiphany's. *nods vigorously* You should have more!

  5. I do read Nix...
    The baby hulks out wanting to go walking every time I go and comment... even now, I'm commenting at half 12 at night and he's crying!

    I will make more of an effort
    *salutes weirdly*

    Irish honours or something like that.

  6. Thanks Nix. I glad you're happy.
    And you know I can't help but remember when you first came on with the name of "Who me? I'm nobody" and the name of your blog just made sense.
    Even now I laugh.
    God knows...
    I'm just talking crap now. I'd better stop.
    Keep up the posts for us people who read them! ;)
    (and if I might second Mist: how could we not?)

  7. Thanks, Nix.
    I don't consider reading your blogs a waste of time. It just gets me to know you that much more. I need this so one day I can take over your mind.
    I'll comment more from now on, k?

  8. I'm finally catching up with the blogs I follow, and was going to comment after I read all the posts I've missed, but this made me want to comment now.

    I am now able to read blogs cause my friend(who is a genius) told me about the google chrome app that has an incognito window which means that it won't show anything I see in history. So from now on, I'll be a little more active on reading/commenting on blogs. You just posted so much since I've seen your blogs last. It'll take a little while to read them. (Especially on Read This Mortals, but I will!) So now, I'll go and read the posts I still have to look at. :)