Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I need ya opinion

Okay, I have to make a decision, and it's very likely I'll have to make it before I can see your opinions, but on the off chance I do get to see these beforehand, I'd like your help.
On Friday, I have to do one of two things
One- Go with my uncle to Mida Mida (or is it Mita Mita...?) for a fishing weekend. We're leaving on the Friday because it is a four hour drive. I'd love to go, and in normal situations I'd go without thinking. However...
Two- Stay at school. Period 5 and 6, the last two of the day, there is a media presentation where all the media classes have their movies shown. For media, we had to make our movies. There are three media classes, and most of my friends are in one of those classes (none in mine- go figure). I'd love to see their videos, because I hear quite a few are really good. This is the only chance I'll get to watch them.
I'd hate to disappoint my uncle, who's been looking for a date for this fishing trip for a while, and who's very enthusiastic about going. I'd also hate to miss the once in a lifetime opertunity to see these videos.
So I need to choose one. Either leave on the Friday (can't leave after school, before you ask) or stay on the Friday. I know there'll be other times to go on the fishing trip, but my uncle doesn't always have the time, and this might be the only time to go for a long time. Maybe it's not. I don't know.
So help me out here guys


  1. I say go with your uncle. I barely get to do stuff with my relatives, and there is always the off-chance you can somehow watch the movies another time. Either way, choose blood before water.

    1. I go with my uncle fishing every other week

      And no, I said this was my only chance to watch them, and it's my only chance EVER to watch them

    2. Nix, in the end, all I can give you is advice. You choose which one you value highest. No one should judge you for your reasoning.

  2. Well....if you can go fishing with your uncle another time....I'd stay at school.

  3. stay with your uncle.
    You could ask your friends if they have their movie saved on a USB.
    THEN you could borrow it later.
    OR you could ask your teacher if sh still has the Movie discs, and if you could watch them later.

    Mita Mita sounds fun and exotic!

  4. I agree with Eddie. Surely you can get ahold of those films somehow? But I also agree with Eve.
    If you have exhuasted every other possibility for watching the movies then stay. Otherwise go to Mitta Mitta (I do know how to spell that because I live near there)and have some fun.
    If you do go fishing and happen to pass by Tallangatta, wave at my school! ;)

  5. The films were made on a mac, and aren't compatible to any of our computers
    So if it was converted, which students can't do, the teacher doesn't let anyone see them except for the day. I think most are deleted as well.

    I've made a decision. I'll be double thinking myself forever, but I'll go on more about this stuff in my next post

  6. I have no idea... Sorry.

    At least you've reached a decision now, though.